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Sexy Beijing - Country Loving - with Chinese subtitles

Danwei TV shows are now all uploaded to Tudou, which seems to be China's most reliable video sharing website. The shows are all here. Most of the shows are also on another Chinese site: Yoqoo.

Below is the last episode of Sexy Beijing — Country Loving — this time with Chinese subtitles.

If you enjoyed it, please support free Internet programming by clicking through to travel website eLong. eLong sells air tickets and hotel reservations online; they deliver to all major Chinese cities and accept cash on delivery if you don't have a credit card.

Sexy Beijing is now on its own website: check the latest episodes at www.sexybeijing.tv

There are currently 9 Comments for Sexy Beijing - Country Loving - with Chinese subtitles.

Comments on Sexy Beijing - Country Loving - with Chinese subtitles

I actually expect English subtitles rather than Chinese ones, 'coz I am not quite sure about what the Pakistani/Indian/Bangladeshi guy said...

Is this a piece of news or an advertisement for a travel agency?

[EDITOR'S NOTE (JG): This is a free program, a piece of entertainment, sponsored by a travel website.

There is as much conflict of interest as you have in any newspaper, magazine or TV program that carries advertisements.

If the piece is sponsored, it is an advertisement--or at least a thinly disguised one. After all, you are inserting mention at the end of the story.

Why is this plug not separate from the story?

[EDITOR'S NOTE (JG): It's a plug. You know it's a plug, everyone knows it's a plug. If you don't like it, you do not need to watch these programs, which are completely free of any charge to watch.]

I think you need to contemplate on going beyond the Jewish schtick.

Because after 20 seconds you get the point. Then what?

[EDITOR'S NOTE (JG): I've got bad news for you. The Jewish schtick is about to get a whole lot more intense.]

Love the Sexy Beijing series. Jewish or not, the schtickier the better I'd say!

This video... damn, i can't finger out a single suitable word for this...it's not reality anyhow...if you wanna know the truth, go feel it youself, in Beijing.

very entertaining! I liked it.

Yeah~I guess...this is entertainment.I've been to BJ several times 4 job hunting, actually I know another BJ...The capital of Centralia(lol, the best translation for China)

That was fun, thanks!

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