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Sexy Beijing - a new Danwei TV show

Sexy Beijing is a new Danwei TV show about love, lust, youth culture and street life in China's capital.

This episode is about one girl's search for a boyfriend on the mean streets of Beijing, featuring interviews with old timers hanging out in hutongs and young people in the Wangfujing shopping district.

Presented by Su Fei, this episode was shot by Luke Mines, edited by Anna Sophie Loewenberg, with music by Fernando Fidanza.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sexy Beijing!

The video is also available on Danwei.TV where you can find links to other formats.

Sexy Beijing is now on its own website: check the latest episodes at www.sexybeijing.tv

There are currently 58 Comments for Sexy Beijing - a new Danwei TV show.

Comments on Sexy Beijing - a new Danwei TV show


great show. but actually u need 3 more ladies to complete the show...:-P

oh god, that was priceless. the first part where she started talking to the old guy in the hutong made me 喷饭.

Too funny! So, did she go out with the guy who gave her his phone number?


go su fei go!

omg, this is way too funny. good try, danwei! I wish more ppl were interviewed covering a broader range of people. btw, sufei is hot, and too bad she's got taken (by the v-neck shirt man).

hahaha...too funny!! Keep up the good work!!

I love the old people. More old people! please! And Su Fei is hot.

This is good stuff, make more please.

Awesome work guys!! It's great to see some BJ street romance.

That's incredible production value for a ten-minute Youtube - Danwei TV has done it again.

Su Fei, Danwei - that film made me want to come back to Beijing for a while. It was beautiful, sweet, and very well done. Kudos piled high.


ha, sex and another city

interesting short but did she really say that most chinese are married by the age of 20? Did I imagine that. apologies if I did.

mike: She says, "Most people are married by the time they hit their mid-20s" - so I don't think it's implied that an overwhelming majority of people are faking their ages on marriage license applications.

first danweiTV i've liked, great one!

it would be interesting to do one on all of the internet dating that goes on in china

Easily the worst Danwei.tv so far. Terrible interview technique, boring one-joke short, irritating presenter.

Lucked into a good interview with the old lady, though, I'll give it that.

helariuos. su fei is too cool, she made those lao beijing talk on the way she expected, not easy.

this is just something smart and funny!
Thanks Danwei!

Somebody on Youtube wrote this ha ha but I don't agree!

"Oy Vey! This broad is not gonna find someone with those Yentl glasses and that Chinese accent with a heavy I'm-getting-vaclept-Mike Myers accent. She said she needs to put in some "chutzpah," hahahahaha doidle doidle doidle doidle...."

This made my weekend!

It wouldn't have been my first choice (maybe my last actually... sorry Su Fei) to embody "a sexy girl"... You have so many sexy english chinese speaking girls living in Beijing... try to make a better choice next time, it would be great ;)

Jealousy makes you tell bad things mate.

Thank you Su Fei for this very entertaining video. Do not forget to put your lenses next time (just kidding).

In 1999 I worked briefly alongside Su Fei during the now legendary (though probably only in my own mind) Beijing Scene Summer of Love.

Su Fei was a total babe then, and still is. Beautiful, Jewish, and speaks Chinese no less... such a catch!

Matt, try to be less obnoxious. I know, I know... it's difficult. I've been there. But try. Just try.

The last time I saw SuFei was at a "Hang on the Box" concert in Wudaokou circa 2000 or 2001.

I don't want to give her a big head, but she is really, really attractive.

Smart!! Brilliant!

你有什么房事我可以帮你?Ha ha

Hilarious! More Su Fei please - did u call the guy whose phone number u got?

haha, cute show

More Su Fei!

Puts CCTV 9 to shame, good job.

I like the idea of asking Chinese about love and relationships. I am surprised that people answered you back - You know, Chinese never talk about love and sex, especially not to the public. But, Su Fei, you have made a difference. Well done!

Wow, great place, good subject, miss that place though~~~

DanWei?单位?一个很奇怪的名字 呵呵

不过不错 加油

i am a chinese,my english is poor. Before i did not think our beijing was so sexy. But now i recognize beijing is so sexy. I love her more.THANK YOU,SUFEI! Every one here may link me thourogh QQ(腾迅qq) My number is378858118. THANKS!

Very well ,but i think you should made a star with more yong people.Try to find them in office .You know, more yong chinese people can speak english, i think you can make your good day!Or you can also find them in internet.

good luck!

Good show! I like it even Sufei! LoL!

Haha,so funny!

most married at about 20? No! Sufei is not right on that. most young, working citizens marry when are more than 30. it's just normal for us. parents may complain of our late marriage, as they need to see next generation. but we have our own thinkings. work pressure, promotion opportunity, enjoying single life, and so on. but Sufei is really wonderful in presenting a realer beijing in this way.

The program is very good.It is from another aspect to watch common people's lives.

Funny funny -- Su Fei! su fei! wo ai ni! More Sexy Beijing!

wan sui su fei!

vraiment trop drole !!!
J'attends d'autres épisodes avec impatience. bravo !

I like the show but mainly the cute Jewish beauty Anna Sophie. I love her "nerdy look". How do I become one of her fans and maybe be able to talk to her by email? Can you pass on to her my email? I don't know if you can do this but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I love her show too, it's very educational fo me. Mario



Saw the report of you on CNN two days ago, and tried to google the 'sexy beijing' topic through the internet. And finally I found here. As a Chinese guy living in Europe and working in the american TV series subtitle workgroups. I found these are really great. Sometimes, it is realy difficult for us, chinese people to dicover what cultrual conflicts might bring to us and people from other countries who are living in china. From your special angle of view, an american who's living in china and able to speak pretty good chinese supplied by sensitive smell of interesting spots caused by cultrual conflits and western cultrual's increasing influence in china, this show is so great for both of our people.

Although I have been talking that who cares the Visa, skin colors and passports bla..bla..bla...when I'm with my friends. This show done by you realy contribute the multral understanding and the friendships. Great ones! Thanks, Anna!

Great show!!! I'm also a single girl living in Beijing at the moment. Keep up fighting the good fight, Sufei!!

Ellen, 艾利


She has lived in China for over 10 years, so I'm sure she has deep understanding about China that isn't shown fully on the video. And there is a lot of truth in the basic message of this video -- the difficulty of western female to find mates in China. It's apparently a very touchy subject, and Sophie handles it well here with humor.

Everyone understands a certain thing differently. The way she understands China is never going to be 100% in sync with how native Chinese understand it.

I'm the exact opposite of her. I'm an Asian male who moved to the US and have lived there for over a decade. My experience is quite different from native-born Americans so of course my understanding of what this country is not the same as theirs.

There IS one thing in common between Sophie and me (and many other Asian males like me) -- the difficulty of finding mates in a foreign land. Women in the US generally just don't think of Asian males as someone they would date. This is due to the overall invisibility in Asians in America (they are a very small minority), the standards of beauty and masculinity in America that just don't favor Asian males, the historical "yellow peril" mentality generated by wars against Japan, Vietnam, and Korea, and of course the cultural and language gaps for those Asian males who were not born in the US. Sometimes the odds against Asian males to find western mates are too great, and Sophie and women like her are now experiencing the same from the opposite spectrum. NATURALLY, ASIAN MALE AND WESTERN FEMALE NEED TO FORM AN ALLIANCE, because western male and Asian female have little reason to care about our plights; in fact, they are benefitting from them.



after seeing, i felt it is very intereting and educationable. Of course that is different culture and different language which can produce different phonomenia


I come in sight of this in China.In fact, China reflected by her, not overall.
Know, 100 year agos, environment and hygiene of Peking are more bad, 57 year agos, Peking only has seldom of cement road.30 year agos, greatly part of Chinese at kind ground.
Today, China, someone had self-restraint, someone was very simple and honest, someone had vulgar practice, someone was money but rushed about, someone gave up dignity, someone for the sake of tomorrow but diligent.Opposite in several dynasties of 100 year agos, the Chinese of first floor had more spacious visual field, but also resulted in a certain perplexity.
But, I believe, if you go to China to come, Chinese of the enthusiasm will melt you, China of burglar would also more of the pass shine on your (haha), in fact, we how have already not noticed nearby of foreigner, be seen as native of the place generally and all in Peking foreigner.
I want to say in fact each nation to the K. Yip, each race has excellent of or the man of garbage, we are the most not afraid, is a contact and understanding.Be like the inside of the myth, there is evil sorcery teacher in the mankind, there is similar the Shaman of[with] justice in the evil monster., My saying so also doesn't know you are understand to have no.
The end, the thankful translation software, lets me have a multinational exchanges.hahaha

This could be a good topic for your show:

Just saw the episode "The Freudian Episode Part II". It is amazing that Su Fei actually found the place her father and grandparents lived before. A job well done!

I love the SEXY BEIJING :) I live in Hungary, but in September I went to Beijing a few day. Before my trip I saw the Sexy Beijing episodes in the Youtube. You are very good! GRATULATION! And Beijing is the best place in the world :))) I have great friends In Beijing. I want to go back :)))

quite interesting movies
keep doing it
i will always support you guys~~


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