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Sexy Beijing: Weddings Gone Wild

In this episode of Danwei TV series Sexy Beijing, Su Fei puts on her bikini and heads to Qingdao for a holiday. But the beach is full of nuptial surprises.

Click on the arrow below to play. Keep watching after the credits for sneak peak at our interview with Béla Fleck, Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet.

You can also watch this video on Danwei.TV, and on Youtube; there is a version with Chinese subtitles on Tudou (中文字幕版).

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This episode was kindly sponsored by the Insider's Guide to Beijing. The book is a comprehensive guide to living, working and playing in China's capital, written by long term residents; it includes comrehensive, fact-checked listings and new articles about culture, business, lifestyle and many other subjects.

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Sexy Beijing is now on its own website: check the latest episodes at www.sexybeijing.tv

There are currently 10 Comments for Sexy Beijing: Weddings Gone Wild.

Comments on Sexy Beijing: Weddings Gone Wild

Huh, once again, 字幕 not 字母, peace. :-)

[EDITOR'S NOTE (JDM): Corrected. Thanks.]

Great job! I love this show and recommended it to lots of friends. Thanks Danwei and lovely Su Fei!

P.S. There is one typo in the subtitle at 03:40. The photographer said 今年拍了”上百对“ not “三百对”. So it should be "more than 100 couples" instead!

And, I believe the photographer said 上百对儿 not 三百对儿, but I'm not so sure, whatever. :-)

This reminds me once again what I think about the concept of marriage. Though not opposed to the concept of "eternal matrimony", I feel it is a contrived notion to begin with. Having said that, I felt the episode was delightful, as always. I do look forward to meeting the seemingly brilliant and delightfully (perhaps) single Su Fei find bliss, matrimonial or otherwise, that she deserves in the not so distance future.




the worst part of getting married was taking those damn pictures

Brilliant as always. And my god, Bela Fleck and Sexy Beijing... it's like... like... sex and banjos... two of my favourite things.

Not at the same time, of course. It always gets ruined because it's impossible not to break into duelin'... and well, that generally kills the mood.

This sponsorship of certain videos and such really obscures the line between what is news and events and what is advertising placement.

[EDITOR'S NOTE (JG): We are making the videos for you, for free.

However, we also need to eat. Hence the advertising.

What is the difference between advertising on our videos and advertising on newspapers and television?]

Very cool vid....

In City Weekend this month there is an interview with Bela Fleck and mention of a film crew doing a documentary-type thing with him re: his time touring in China, etc. Is Danwei or Goldmines involved in this?

clap clap clap! I loved this one! and I love your bath suit Su Fei ;)

Famously fabulous! When will the interview with Bela Fleck be up? Can't wait.

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