Disaster Relief

Landslide in Gansu

Strait Herald, August 9, 2010

A landslide that hit Zhouqu County in Gansu Province on Sunday morning has left 127 people dead and nearly 1,300 missing. Images of the disaster turned up on the front page of most newspapers today, including the Xiamen-based Strait Herald (海峡导报).

A graphic from The Beijing News illustrates how landslides, triggered by torrential rains, flattened three neighborhoods and blocked the Bailong River. Rising floodwaters did additional damage to parts of the town not immediately affected by the landslides:


Disaster-related news of a more local nature showed up in a headline on the lower left: "Earthquake in Quanzhou? Fujian Earthquake Bureau: Just a rumor!" Apparently there have been rumors circulating on the Internet that the city is due for an earthquake sometime between the 8th and 13th of August.

Local authorities said that all indicators are normal.

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