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Job ads on Danwei are now handled by DanweiJobs.com. (2009.12.21)

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Why do job ads on Danwei work?

Regularly updated from Beijing since 2003, Danwei has grown into one of the most authoritative voices on what's happening in China today. The website receives about 10,000 unique visitors every day, while the site's RSS feed is viewed by about 8,000 people a day.

Most readers work in advertising, PR, media, marketing, research and the creative industries.

The tight focus of the website's content means that recruitment advertisements for relevant industries deliver fantastic results. Other recruitment websites may bring more CVs, but a job ad on Danwei brings the right CVs.

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Rates and terms
Current rates are USD 100 through Paypal or RMB 800 in cash for one ad per month. It will appear on the Danwei home page for several days (depending on how fast new content is published), and will remain searchable and visible on the jobs page until you tell us to take it down.

How to place an ad
It's simple: just submit your ad to DanweiJobs.com and it will be included on the Danwei.org website, in the RSS feed, and on other associated mirrors and feeds.

Recent clients
The organizations below are listed according to the category of the position advertised.

PR, media buying, advertising and marketing communications
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Weber Shandwick
Text 100
U.S. Embassy Beijing
US-China Business Council
The American Chamber of Commerce of China

Journalism, media and related
The Financial Times
The Economist Intelligence Unit
Foreign Correspondents' Club of China
Praxis Language
People’s Medical Publishing House
China Media Monitor Intelligence (CMM-I)
Chinabiz Speakers Ltd
The Chicago Tribune
La7 Italian TV
CBS News Beijing
China Economic Review

Creative Industries
SOM Architectural Consutlants
Standards Group

Internet and IT
Alibaba Group
CIC Data

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