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Gold farmer spam

'Gold farmers' are people who play network games to accumulate points and virtual currency which they then sell to other gamers for real money.

A gold farming company that sells points for World of Warcraft (WOW to the game's fans) has recently started spamming the comments section of this website. This is what they offer:

Don't be irresolute! Just come to our website www.power-levels.com and place your order for wow power leveling then you will get your character to your desired high level fast. We are ready to serve you and nice to help you to have a wonderful wow life.

For more on gold farmers, see this post on Virtual China, or this website for a documentary film about gold farmers in China.

UPDATE: From Stefan Landsberger of the fantastic Chinese propaganda poster website:

One of my former students and the former NRC-Handelsblad correspondent in China, Floris-Jan van Luyn, produced and shot a documentary on WoW-gold farmers in Zhengzhou more than a year ago, called Cyberkoolies. Originally only subtitled in Dutch, it is now also available for the 'international' market. You can see more about it on IMDB here and here.

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Comments on Gold farmer spam

"Goldfarmer" may be a new concept to some. A good "point/counterpoint" discussion can be found here:


If you're getting spam, perhaps it's time to put some kind of "Turing test" on your posts, Danwei?

Yes, WOW...

I had to stop after spending nearly every waking moment for 2 month playing that stupid game... It's a stupid stupid game.

I much rather gain levels in Reality(tm) (it's nice when you buy that $400,000 house instead of some stupid +8 sword of death. Plus you get real girls with the house LOL))

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great game. I just don't have the self control right now to play it. A online shooting game ala Counter Strike I can play, I usually jump in for a few hours each week, it's perfectly under control. Not that I have time for that now either... :(

I don't mind gold farmers. I mean if someone wants to pay money for that, go ahead. I think it's stupid, take away the whole point of playing... but whatever floats you boat man.

i have the same trouble--addict to the WOW....

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