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As you sit in front of your computer playing WoW late into the night, do you ever wonder whether you could be doing something positive in the real world? Or at the very least, learning something new while you're grinding out levels?

Well, you're in luck. The China Anti-Corruption Culture Gaming Net (中国廉政文化游戏网), sponsored by the Ningbo government, is about to launch a new online game that fights official corruption in its many insidious forms. "Incorruptible Warrior Online" (清廉战士), currently in beta testing, is an MMORPG that pits the player against all types of corrupt officials in ancient China.

According to the game's description, it takes place in a detailed 2D world that includes 357 locations modeled on real-life places around Ningbo. Players interact with 165 figures from history using a variety of items and spells. Their mission: "By decapitating corrupt officials and driving out demons, players accumulate experience points and ultimately turn society into an incorruptible wonderland where politicls are clean and the people live and work in peace."

How does it differ from your average quest-based RPG?

Education clad in entertainment is another bright point about this game. When players reach certain levels, they must take part in an class on honest government to learn about relevant cases from history. The pervasive, fascinating educational programming subtly builds up the players' knowledge, shattering the limitations of games that are purely entertainment, and bringing new, educational meaning.

Unfortunately, the beta of this intriguing game appears to have been suspended pending a server upgrade.

But while you wait, the site offers lots of other Flash toys to amuse yourself with as you learn about the campaigns against corruption. Pictured at left is the end of a game of "Beat Down the Corrupt Official" (打倒贪官). You can choose any name you like - Chen Liangyu seemed like he'd be an easy opponent - and then take out your frustration on guy with a baseball bat, a knife, or an automatic weapon.

Or you could watch animated fables describing the social harm caused by corruption.

Finally, here's a preview of the "Incorruptible Warrior" (the action starts around 1:55):

UPDATE: ESWN has more info about the beta test and game play.

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Comments on Playing games with clean government

I can't wait!!!

This could be a marketable export, adaptable to each country's history.
Andrew Jackson could finally get the ass kicking he has deserved for so long.

Is this a joke?

I don't get it...

So the government makes this game as a propaganda tool to teach about corruption? What a waste of money. Normal advertising don't suffice anymore?

Unless they are developing this as a frame-work to support future educational endeavors. I still don't see the point tho. Maybe if the educational subject was something other than government propaganda, it may be more interesting.

For example, perhaps a frame work for teaching kids the basis of science and technology. Two examples that comes to mind is Alice and Scratch. Yes, these two programs are geared toward Computer Science, but you get the idea.

What I want to see is an Online type education game with a leaning towards the sciences and technology. Heck, teaching history in a virtual reality environment would kick ass too.

All this may be a big waste of time, except in my mind's eye I always imagine that getting these types of virtual reality tools to rural kids will be a tremendous asset, for them. For rural kids merely having the technology is not enough, what they need are good teachers. So perhaps online technology as a teaching tool can become the equalizer. But I'm not sure if China is even at a point to introduce technology to the rural class rooms. But it seems to me that they are at a point where the basics of education are available to rural children. They just need an equalizer. Perhaps technology will be the key?

I'm thinking about just packing up and head for some place in Sichuan or Yunan to teach. I know I can teach computers. Heck I can probably implement technology based teaching systems (it will be Linux based, free!). I'm sure I can teach some basic math too.

I want to do it for very selfish reasons (I'm dissatisfied with my life). It's quite irrational, to want to move to China from the States...I'm sure you people will all get a good laugh out me, that's okay.

Can anyone supply a link to the roughing-up-a-corrupt-official flash game? Or, more importantly, the Lei Feng game (none of the many articles that reported on it actually carried a link)??

DrStamen: Here's the download page for that Flash game - sorry, it's a self-contained Flash player exe that you have to run on your own PC. The only Lei Feng game I could find was similar, and not the least bit entertaining.

If you're really looking for flash-based beat-down games, you could try the Wang Shuo shoots at everyone he runs across game.

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