Danwei T-shirt competition winner

danwei t-shirt winner s.jpg
Pretty much the way it looks at HQ

After a very difficult and far from unanimous judging process, the winner of the Danwei T-shirt design competition has been selected.

The design above, by Li Zengshan of Weihai in Shandong Province, won the final round of voting with the design above. Mr Li gets 888 yuan courtesy of Plastered T-shirts, and his design will be turned into a T-shirt in the next two weeks to be sold at Plastered stores and online.

There were several excellent designs that did were eliminated for one reason or another, but Danwei and Plastered are forming a long term partnership, so there is still a chance that some other entries will be made into T-shirts.

Thanks very much to all entrants: if you would like to receive a gift as a token of our appreciation for your efforts, please email your postal address to

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Comments on Danwei T-shirt competition winner

who is guy on the T-shirt?


The guy on the t-shirt is Jeremy Goldkorn. Who else could he be?

What's the voting system? First past the post? Run-off? Were there strategic votings?

hmm.. the 'rays' remind me a lot of the imperial Japanese flag.. was that intentional ?

its Shi Jinping

now that you mentioned, the position of the center of the rays and dimension of the rectangle are exactly the same as the Japanese naval flag. (the Japanese national flag has no rays and the army flag has the sun at the center just like the national flag)

the first thing i thought of when I saw this was the Japanese imperial flag. I guess its just a bit of fun, but surely there were better designs than this? Probably all comes down to taste

Wow, that design is just awful.

Mauro: haha! that portrait is not very flattering for JG!
koos: thank you!

Like Fred (and tom and hmm), the Japanese Nationalist flag came to mind. I think it's safe to say that's an obvious association, based on the image.

Perhaps it'd be wiser to flip the image horizontally, at least, to make it look more like the Mao poster.

If the man in the image is really Vice President Xi Jinping (note correct pinyin spelling), then I will order the first shirt if the words "吃饱饭...没事干!" are added to the shirt in big black Chinese characters.

Meanwhile I couldn't figure out how to post a photo here in the comments section, so I put a picture of Chinese actress Zhao Wei modelling a Danwei dress on my Danwei-Net Ning page.


other designs must have been pretty bad then :)

I don't think I get it at all...


9 out of 10 people would see the Japanese Imperial flag {even the history challenged naive shoppers}.

i think its very cool, I'll buy one for sure, very like old danwei style

I will NOT buy this T-shirt

I just bought one last weekend from Plastered shop its super cool thank you!

its a great design if anyone can remember what the old danwei style worker was like in his office, i will get one for sure

When can we buy online ? i want one!!!!

oops sorry spelunker it was late...

What was late? Are you referring to my brilliant idea to add "吃饱饭...没事干!" to the T-shirt?
I think you will get more orders with my proposal since shirts with Chinese characters on them are always more popular with laowai.

@spelunker, no I meant my pinyin misspelling of his graciousness, heir apparent chap Xi Jinping.
Sure, brilliant idea on the Chinese characters. Of course my excellent design didn't pass muster so I can't really comment further.

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