Design a T-shirt for Danwei


2008.04.13: The competition is now closed.

Danwei is going to make an official T-shirt to be produced and sold by Plastered T-shirts.

We're accepting design submissions and holding a competition to choose the winner.

The winning design will be sold in Plastered T-shirt stores in China and on the Internet and the winner will receive glory, fame and 888 yuan in crisp bank notes.

If you have an idea for design, download a T-shirt template from the links below make your design and email it to or upload it to the comment section of this post.

The design can use an iconic Chinese image, simply consist of text, or be something wholly new, but it must have some connection with Danwei's content, or the meaning of the Chinese word 'danwei'. Submitted designs do not need to be production ready: Plastered T-shirts will work with the winning designer to prepare for production.

The competition closes at 8am on Monday April 13. The entries will be judged by:

Dominic Johnson-Hill founder and chief creative officer of Plastered T-shirts

Jeremy Goldkorn founder of Danwei

Shen Qing Managing Director of FT Rui magazine, known in Chinese women's magazine circles as the "godmother of fashion"

Dongdong Qiang post 1980s man of letters, student of the classics and blogger

Mauro Marescialli: Founder of Standards Group, the design firm that created Danwei's logo and visual identity

Adam J. Schokora Danwei contributor and Neocha partner, blogger.

Don't hesitate: 888 yuan and glory are waiting for you, download a T-shirt template and send your design to pr upload it to the comments section below.

Templates (any of the file formats are suitable): ai, jpeg, psd

The competition is being supported by creative networking site where you can find a Chinese version of the information above.


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Mine is here.

先进单位 | 单位先进

I like how the first shirt appropriates symbols of censorship for ironic chic. Even if it's not accepted, I'd still pay $15 for it. Just splurge on the quality of the fabric.

位位 in red against a white background, with the English Danwei logo on the back of the t-shirt. Or is that too precious?


I'm in the judging panel...but I just couldn't resist...

That's a nice idea for an April Fool's joke; replacing Danwei on April Fools with a fictitious blog by four of the main newsposters on Danwei about their personal lives. The more outrageous and unbelievable, the better.

Shhhh! Next year!

There have been some decent submissions on the Neocha page.

Stereoscopic Danwei AKA China In Stereo...

Walking Dictionary...



Team Danwei...


OK my entry here

Here's my submission.

I just sent out the T-shirt design to
Please let me know if you have any questions.


click here, see detail

click here, see back detail

These are some sweet designs!!!

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