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The mercury has dropped in Beijing and winter is on the way. To mark the changing of the weather, Danwei did a spot survey of seven young women and eight young men in the shopping districts of Xidan and Wangfujing, asking them about their clothing and brand preferences.

The first finding is that for women tall boots are still really popular this winter; four of the seven women surveyed were wearing them. They come in leather, pleather, plastic, suede and just about any material you care to name. Complex embroidered designs on the boots, like last year, are very common.

When it comes to brands, the results are below. Respondents were asked to leave out any item for which they did not have a genuine preference.

Home computer
Six of those surveyed said IBM was their favorite brand, five said Lenovo, with the remainder split between Dell, Apple and HP.

Mobile phone
Nokia was the most popular brand - seven out of fifteen. Four of them said Samsung was their preferred brand, with the remainder split between Motorola, Siemens and Dopod.

light boot s.jpg
Aside from the question of women's boots, four of the men said Jack & Jones, three said Nike, one said Sept Wolves, a Chinese brand. The women were a mixed bunch: Chanel 2, Dunhill 1 (?!), Yichun 1, Li Ning 1, Only and Vero Moda 1, Shunu 1.

The chocolate brand Leconte was mentioned by two people. Everyone else had a different preferred brand: Nescafé, Xufuji, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and Dove were among the answers, but some respondents refused to give a brand, naming only a type of Chinese food.

Web browser
Of the six people who answered this question, there were two each who said IE, Firefox and Maxthon respectively.

Of the respondents who answered this question, these are the totals: Coca Cola 3, Kang Shifu (iced tea, juices etc.) 3, Snow Beer 2, Carlsburg 1, Nescafé 1.

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Comments on Beijing boots and brands

Walking into a Shunv is like walking into a fairyland clothing store. It's crazy.

Go Maxthon! I'm sure the founders would be delighted to hear this. For those of you who don't use it, check it out.

Aha, Maxthon, the browser takes IE as kernel?

Ewww! Snow Beer? That's awful. When living in Sichuan, Chengdu I very much disliked the taste of Snow Beer opting out for the local Blue Sword series of 528 and others. A real treat would be Chongqing Beer and it's famous Shan Cheng Beer. Why does all the crappy stuff get marketed nationally and internationally conserving beverages and foodstuffs. Beats me! Globalize local flavours worth tasting not the cheapest to produce and market!

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