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A tribute to Bo Xilai

In this music video which is widely-spread online, Bo Xilai, who is leading the anti-triad crackdown in Chongqing, is praised as "a peacetime hero". See SMH for background.

Song of Bo Xilai
Composed and sung by Li Lei
Lyric written by Meng Xiaofan
MIDI: Niu Li'an

Your eyes are like a pair of swords flickering cold light.
You stand firm in the face of the evil.
Corruption and darkness are pierced.
The corrupt shudder at the very mention of your name.
Mob-busting party secretary is the best title the people give you
You take people's safety on your shoulders
You crush the crimes with iron hand
You make Chongqing a safe and peaceful city
So people know that they have someone to count on
Bo Xilai, Bo Xilai
You are a peacetime hero

Your smile is as warm as spring
You treat people with kindness, so the people feel closer with the government
You abhor what is evil and that is the best proof of your great heroism
You are concerned with improving people's lives
You are resolute in putting the corrupt to justice
Always fair, just and stand with the people
So they know they have better things to expect
Bo Xilai, Bo Xilai
China need tens of hundreds of heroes like you
Bo Xilai, Bo Xilai
China need tens of hundreds of heroes like you

Caption at 2:50:
We are looking for advertisement placements; price is very reasonable
Contact: Lile19621225@yahoo.com.cn
The video is filmed on February 9, 2010 in Nanchang

There are currently 4 Comments for A tribute to Bo Xilai.

Comments on A tribute to Bo Xilai

Absolutely Fantastic.

Thanks for sharing!

I love the advertisement part at the end...

china may not have presidential elections for the masses, but it sure does have presidential-style campaigning. BXL is going to the public for populist approval in the tussle for HJT's seat after his exit.
It's a tussle between Red royals of the Taizi dang, as Gao Xin's book calls them.
It's not a done deal for the top jobs for Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping, even if the latter has met the Emperor of Japan, a privilege usually meant for heads of state.
Wang Xiuguo was Deng Xiaoping's personal choice as successor, but failed the ``vigorous'' testing through the party ranks and was edged out eventually by the Jiang Zemin claque.
Apart from job experience, people management is another spec for the No 1 job - ability to ``unite the party'', or walk the tightrope between the factions.

Bo Xilai is one of the best Chinese officials in my mind.
His actions in Chongqing win a lot of applause.

Please tell me this is not supposed to be a joke...

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