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Beijingers on Hillary and Obama

In this episode of Sexy Beijing, Su Fei asks Beijingers what they think of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and what they want from American policy towards China.

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Comments on Beijingers on Hillary and Obama

What does it matter what anyone thinks of Obama or Clinton? Niether of them are going to win.
McCain or Romney are clearly going to be the ones to beat.
Personally I'm a fan of Ron Paul who is given no chance by the media and the reason why he isn't getting the support he should.


because I work for the machine that makes sure these things happen...the election is just song and dance.
What I don't know is who you are as you ask me such a fine question anonymously.

for most of the chinese,whatever...

I am with Fritz on this one... and while not optimistic, am routing for Ron as well.

every once in a while Youtube just conks out on me mid-video..... hope it will work later.

hmmm... not sure about the final comment on being shallow...

Hell, even the Chinese people thought a Democrat was a foregone conclusion. Also, if they knew the policies of the candidates they would probably choose Obama because he's a heck of a lot more peaceful than Hillary the Hawk. Thumper's Mother guides me when it comes to the second half of Fritz's comment.

I'm not fond of either - at least not at this point. I would like to vote for Al Gore if he were running,but now i'm leaning toward Obama.Hillary's message is weak. She depends on an emotional plea to women and minorities. She promises social programs she can not possible put into effect.plus,Obama is black.

i will not fall into the "Bill was great, so she will be too." logic. and anyone who votes for her solely because she is a female is not wise.

Obama all the way. I hope Clinton gets burned at the stakes. as a person from NY, i still can't stomach the fact she represents my state, when she didn't even come from my state nor does she have real personal background info on the state of NY...there's more to NY besides the city and Long Island

The Chinese have only heard of Clinton because her husband is well-liked in China. The opinions of the average Chinese person regarding the primaries or American politics in general are too poorly informed to be of any significance, which I think is part of the point of this video.

haha..Nice jab at the end there Su Fei.

I think it's been a little while since Fritz picked up a newspaper...

Obama looks "xiong," whatever... Maybe the fact that he didn't just come out and say "come on, he's black" is some kind of progress. And I like the headline, "trust a woman or choose a black person," like it's a question of the lesser of two evils.

Pretty sure the last line was meant with some irony... right?

"I think it's been a little while since Fritz picked up a newspaper..."---JB

JB what are you talking about? First of all I work in news---not that this validates me but I read this crap everyday.
I am dead-on. Besides, I read the NY POST. Everyone knows this is a reputable news source worth the quarter I pay for it. The daily in-depth stories about Britney Spears are very helpful in my development of moral values.

Seriously though be realistic...if any of you think Hillary or Obama will win you probably live in Candyland.

An endorsement from Ted Kennedy is laughable. He is only supporting Obama because he is still angry with Clinton axing the welfare system---which we will all agree was a necessity. Obama's Oprah endorsement is scarier to the "right" and probably holds more weight in its actual merit.

Washington D.C. is corrupt and full of cronyism. McCain is the only candidate going to keep the status quo.

Clinton and Obama will NOT in my humble opinion win in November because there want to make too many changes (***some of those "changes" need to happen probably but its impossible in America whereby the government is run by business). Romney also will probably NOT win because he wants to in his words, "shake-up the establishment".

Ron Paul is the best of both sides. Ron Paul---like Kucinich on the other side (by the way his wife is super-duper hot and looks like Julianne Moore) would be great because what he wants to do would actual help America.

Clinton and Obama talk about change but yet they say they don't want to include gender or race in the election process however this is clearly what they are doing. Both are immaterial actually and have no clear indication whether this would benefit this person's ability to lead the country.

RON PAUL is the man...but McCain will be the president probably.

I vote for Sufei


I vote for Fritz...

The best (I mean "most meaningful") Sexy Beijing to date. Long Live Chairman Obama!

excuse me, who is Fritz and who is the guy in the poster in Sufei's hand? A middle aged, long hair guy holding an older man's poster? i tried to find out, but no helpful answers yet.
xie xie! :)

"I vote for Fritz..."---Adam Schokora

I yield victory to Su Fei...she's much better looking than me on the tele'.

Xiaohuo, the middle aged looking long hair guy is Chuck Norris who endorsed Mike Huckabee who is the older looking man in the center. Chuck Norris is an action hero of the '80s, exercise equipment endorser of the '90s, and the butt of tough guy jokes of the '00s.

And really, I'm not going to say anything bad about Ron Paul... Seriously, I've written several paragraphs over and over again, deleted them over and over again. It's tough...

Chuck Norris aka 'Walker Texas Ranger' was also a student of an ethnic Chinese---yet U.S. born---fellow named Bruce Lee (Li Xiao Long) and appeared in "Way of the Dragon" as Bruce's challenger:

"And really, I'm not going to say anything bad about Ron Paul... Seriously, I've written several paragraphs over and over again, deleted them over and over again. It's tough..."
---Will Lewis

That's because there is nothing bad to say about Ron Paul. Ron Paul rules. Too bad he doesn't stand a chance.

Whatever you do, don't vote Republican or Democrat. They have the same agenda.

I vote Hu Jintao, good for people of China and America both. China rule!

Naw, Putin kicks more butt, heck, wasn't he the Time Man of the Year?

Who cares about the issues... The issues are boring. Popularity contest for the win!

Personally I think Fritz is smoking some serious stuff, because no way a Republican is going to win. Historically the challenging party wins in recession like conditions.

But, since we all love Ron Paul, it's cool.


really a ' sexy beijing'

Probably citizens in china dont care about who would be the new president. We would just want to see a new face of America..

hehe.. ps : appreciate the originality.

Eli Manning should be president---overlook the fact he is under 35 years old---because he beat the horribly boring New England Patriots.

Fritz, hehe. If I recall correctly, you are from New York...Yes, very satisfying win. I'm always for the underdog.

Ron Paul is probably the only guy who thinks for american people's well-beings, and it's so sad that the media pins him down, just because he is not saying the things they want to hear...Hillary or Obama just uses the anti-war emotions in the country, but I haven't seen how their policies will benefit the country in a long-run, or at least not smart enough...

I always enjoy Sexy Beijing but this is the worst (I mean "most unmeaningful") one to date.

Nice attempt to make a connection between American politics and ordinary Chinese people's life and even make it a warning for the Yankees not to be "shallow" with the gift of "freedom" and "democracy".

However this episode confirmed to me again just how the Americans think of themselves - why would a street sweet potato vendor bother the US election?

Bring the pictures of Hu, Wen, Jiang or even Mao to the States and do a voxpop like this, a even profound explanation of being "shallow" is sure to be discovered.

Well, some other TV crew already did that a while ago and they were not even asking about the Chinese NPC... Take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVbobdL3yi0

People only look smart when they make the right jokes. 性感北京,加油!

What about John McCain?! Consistently 50%+ of the American electorate votes Republican and a Republican won 5 out of the last 7 presidential elections so it seems extremely biased to only ask Beijingers about 2 Democratic candidates >_

To my true American friend Reagan Conservative.

Don't worry McCain is used to being the underdog---even on Danwei.org. They too will be enlightened come November.

Everyone in the world blames America's ills on us right leaning individuals. We are labled the "right" because we are just that. They are the antonym to right...which is "wrong".

To continue with my vocab lesson, those that hate America are called what? Democrats of course. They only point fingers. They shouldn't point that weapon unless they plan to use it...hopefully to stick up their own self-important liberal arses.

McCain is the man. Everyone else is laughable. The world outside America wants a Democrat because they want to see America's demise. F-ing Badminton with less international interest that the past time of hating great Americans like yourself and I should be stricken from the Olympics.

Democrats although given the "blue" states are just as bad with their socialist mind-set as the Reds that us red-blooded American conservatives love to hate and which McCain heroically fought against last century.

McCain is not only qualified, he is the only logical choice. Obama, Hillary, or whatever third party candidate is seriously just a giant pile of hogwash.

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