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China the bogeyman

An American political ad by a group called Citizens Against Government Waste playing up the China threat. See also At last there's proof: 44% of Americans are crazy by James Fallows.

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Nicely done!

I mean, it's crazy as a tuxedo made out of live rattlesnakes, and dumb as a sack full of hammers, but it's nicely done.

There's very little danger in holding debt that's denominated in a currency you yourself print, after all. One can wish in vain that the same effort that went into the scripts of these things would go on some basic economic analysis...

American's aren't the only ones with a crazy bug up their asses about China. The 2010 Lowy Poll revealed that 55 percent of Australians believe that China is the world's leading economic power. 60 percent of Australians also believe that China's aim is to dominate Asia (probably higher now given some of China's recent maritime shenanigans), and 55 percent believe that Australia should join with other countries to contain Chinese power (again, this number is likely higher now).

As far as ignorant election ads go, this one is hardly the first. Similarly, where stupidity, ignorance, and paranoia are concerned, China is every bit America's/Australia's match - and then some - and then some more.

Whoever made this video has never seen a Chinese assembly, or been in a Chinese classroom. There's no way those people would be paying so much attention.

"There's no way those people would be paying so much attention."

Haha, thats so true!

Wow, I never knew the Roman empire fell because of government spending. Oh wait, that's not what happened. It's because they tried to conquer too much space and the empire collapsed. You could liken that to G.W. Bush invading Iraq. It costs too much for not enough gain and now the US is laden with debt.

Joe Klein, a veteran reporter for Time magazine, recently took a 5,000+ mile road trip of the US, interviewing many everyday voters. He said that for all the talk about Iraq/Afghanistan in Washington, comments from voters about China outnumbered ones about Afghanistan by a margin of 25:1. This would seem to suggest that many average Americans feel that China's economy (or perhaps China's political system) is increasingly seen as an efficient "competitor" to America's seemingly stagnant economy and dysfunctional political system, or something of that nature. I think this ad fairly effectively taps into that dynamic. At the same time, the ad also underscores the high-tech and ultra modern nature of today's China, while also including some Communist symbols to elicit the Pavlovian emotional responses. (Although to be fair, the idea of an authoritarian China under the regime's control is exactly what today's People's Daily is boldly advocating).

However, whether they accurately diagnosed the source of the US's relative decline is another matter, as Lechie McKenzie pointed out.

Wow. US political ads never fail to amaze, but that's particularly hateful. Like encouraging fear is going to help anything, ever.

Stupid ad!

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