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Chinese in Senegal

A 20 minute documentary from Al Jazeera about Chinese in Senegal. See African Boots for more about China and Africa.

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What fools these mortals be... figure there is going to be some serious backlash within Africa as more reports like this are published - given that the Chinese are pretty much taking the sort of attitude about the "dark skins" that the Indians tooks a couple of generations ago. What the hell, do the people that talk like this honestly think that their neighbors are "too ignorant" to see the Internet? If folks in P.R. China were shocked with a few deaths - imagine the abject horror when the Idi Adim level of organized violence occurs.

As for the twits in this report complaining that their daughter is not "Chinese" - they are right, she has a Sengal Passport. There is not enought guanxi("connections") in the world that will get her a P.R. China Passport. And it is that attitude that will, in the long run, wear out the welcome of P.R.Chinese people around the world. That will be a pity to those "Chinese" born in foreign lands - yet considered Laowai back in the "motherland".

This reflects the common story of all overseas Chinese (and other Diaspora groups for that matter) for over 400 years, all over the world.

Being Chinese is more than just citizenship or "race" for that matter. I know it's very hard to understand this for most people.

No offense Danny, but you are so full of it - much like most of the other 'ethnic' groups I have witnessed in various parts of the United States. It goes to something my father told me, "You wave the flags, sing the songs, and speak the language - but the folks that were born in the 'old country', you just another American."

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