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Corrupt officials have things

China Digital Times linked to a Youtube video showing the schoolgirl in Guangzhou who admitted that she wanted to be "a corrupt official" when she grew up. See below for more.

The video was uploaded by Professor Ho-fung Hung.

Both ESWN and Black and White Cat have published screen-shots of the original video report from the Southern Metropolis Daily. Black and White Cat makes a rundown of the answers the children gave when the reporter asked what they'd like to be once they grew up:

(After much head scratching) “I don’t know”

“A photographer”

“A painter”

“A pilot”

“A fireman, because firemen can help people put out fires”

And then there was this girl:

“I want to be an official”
[Reporter:] “What kind of official?”
“A corrupt official, because corrupt officials have a lot of things.”

The video, which has since been deleted from the Southern Metropolis Daily website, is by journalist Zhang Jun (张骏), who also edited the short clip. It starts with a collage of images of schoolchildren going back to school on the first day of term - September 1. Following are interviews about the difference between school and kindergarten, for e.g.: "There is no homework at kindergarten, but there is at school."

After this, the kids begin to talk about their ideal future professions. One that Black and White Cat missed out was music school teacher, professed by a girl who ends the video with her rendition of Jasmine Flower (茉莉花).

Before the girl sings, though, the "corrupt official" girl, whose face is blurred out in both the video and in posts about the video, happily says:

"Corrupt officials have a lot of things." (贪官有很多东西)

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LOL adorable. What a naive yet PERFECTLY ACCURATE statement of chinese society in general.

Most of the reactions to this clip have focussed on the response of that one girl who was off-base. (I can understand why: it's so bizarre etc.) However, I myself was personally touched by the other kids' responses, and their halting, lisp-ing articulation of their ambitions. Even the "bu zhi dao" kid is cute. The girl at the end who sings Moli Hua stole my heart...


I agree with Chinawatcher... Most of the kids were sooo cute. And most of them wanted to do interesting things, like teachers or singers, "help other people"...

So lovely! Hope all these children can achieve their dreams! :)

She only wants to be a corrupt official because she is naive. In a few years, she will understand that she actually wants to be a banker...

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