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Escape from a Net addiction center

Yang Yongxin (杨永信), the doctor who developed shock therapy for net addicts at his Internet Addiction Treatment Center, gets skewered in this BioHazard-inspired parody video. Translation below.

The clips that make up this spoof are taken from the CCTV program "War With the Internet Demon" (战网魔), broadcast in 2008. The program was intended to illustrate the damaging effects of Internet addiction and praise Yang's compassion, but the disturbing images of dazed young men wandering the halls of the Linyi Mental Hospital in Shandong Province make it hard to sympathize with Yang or the producers.

After a lengthy credits segment, the parody begins with the following game instructions:

In the game, you must guide the character you have selected to escape the Internet Addiction Center within the time allotted. You are will be given a map at the start of the game.

If your luck is poor, then at the start of the game or somewhere midway, you'll meet the BOSS, Professor Yang. He'll follow you around to stop you from leaving. If you do not get rid of Professor Yang in time, you'll be electrocuted.


The first character to play is Huang He, a young man from Anhui whose parents were only able to bring him Yang's Center after giving him 12 sleeping pills.

After he's taken into the Center, he is given Sanlu Milk:

Sanlu Greed Milk: Drink and you won't piss.

Take it?

He equips the Milk, and then the escape begins. However, he quickly finds that there's no way out, and then he's presented with the following choices:

· Jump out the window
· Die and take the professor with you
· Enjoy an electric shock
· Damn it. That's not a choice

That's the end of the first character's run. The second character selected is Xie Kun, who according to news reports was sent to the Internet addiction center seven times without success. He fares no better in the game.

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The parodied game is Bio Hazard (Resident Evil in America & Europe) not BioShock.

Thanks, MAio. I've corrected the text.

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