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Female filmmakers in Yunnan

Lola is the producer of the Yunnan New Film Project —a series of films by first time female directors, all shot in Yunnan Province. This video is a short interview with her and with Wang Fen, director of 'The Case'. The video is also on Tudou (faster in China).

Note: Dec. 2007 -- There may be a screening of The Case in Beijing soon: please see this Danwei post for details.

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Comments on Female filmmakers in Yunnan

Ha ha merry christmas 倒了!



Great stuff.....玉米秀万岁....

Thanks for the interview.....cool content, very interesting.


Christmas is boring in China is it gentlemen?


同志金玉米 or 金玉米同志?

Anyway,interesting interview, where can I see the movie?

Satan: The only screening we know of at the moment is still unscheduled -- see the Ruzuo.com link posted above.

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