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Hip hop user generated propaganda

Already a hit on Sina.com, this user generated hip hop propaganda video is now on Youtube.

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this constitutes the pro-Beijing faction's most serious misfire to date in the "Great 2008 Olympics Pre-Game Media Salvos": using pantywaist "hip hop" to push a victimization agenda among Chinese at home and abroad.

... ... ... but appropriate, perhaps, now that i think about it.

One of the tags says "fenqing". They are not fenqing though. They are nationalists. This is so sad. This is the opposite of being civilized. As a mainlander, I understand why the Taiwanese don't want to be part of China or part of this any time soon. Nationalism and civilization are two too different value systems.


"Nationalism and civilization are two too different value systems."

Then why on earth some civilized western support Tibetan nationalism? Isn't it ironic?

Over simplification leads to absurdity.

This sort of mentality is nothing new for the (Han) Chinese. In a way, this piece is composed much in the same light as the letter Song Emperor Taizong wrote to King Le Hoan of Vietnam in AD 979:

"Although your seas have pearls, we will throw them into the rivers, and though your mountains produce gold, we will throw it into the dust. We do not covet your valuables...Let us change your customs...Do you not want to escape from the savagery of the outer islands and gaze upon the house of civilization?"

So, to quote an article by Andrew Forbes:

"Over the millennia, actions like [the invasion of 1979] have taught the Vietnamese a recurring lesson about China. It's there, it's big, and it won't go away, so appease it without yielding whenever possible, and fight it with every resource available whenever necessary."

Perhaps it's time for the Tibetans to adopt a similar policy. Any thoughts?

It's not Chinese and Tibetan, Americans and Iraqis. They're good Chinese and bad Chinese. There are good Americans and bad Americans. There are good Iraqis and bad Iraqis.
It's stupid to use political borders (countries/cultures) to define good and bad!
Nationalism, is for the unevolved! Thus, we have much of this stupidity!
But, I don't see it changing anytime in the near future.
I pray to Mother Earth she might eliminate the Human Race, and start over with a better species!
Then, maybe peace and prosperity for all!

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