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Hooters in Beijing

Hooters has opened a restaurant in Beijing. This video of an interview with the manager was produced by Thomas Crampton, former Hong Kong correspondent for the International Herald Tribune who now lives in Beijing. He has a blog and a Youtube channel.

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hooters is an easy target and yet Crampton *still* fails to best them.

former IHT correspondent, eternal hack.

Well, it doesn't feel out of place at all across the alley from a western pub. I found Hooters by accident the other day and I'm a little depressed to say it wasn't too shocking.

Matt Jager has a good post/review about the un(ful)filling Hooters experience at tbjblog.

Big Deal... Just another bar/club/dinning place - it means nothing for Chinese market. Perhaps some expats will find it appealing just for one-time visit, but with all the places that Beijing has - most will rather wait until friday night to visit a real club with better food (and needless to say, girls...)

"People come to Hooters for the wonderful food"???? Come on!! When was the last time anyone went to Hooters for their overpriced, tasteless grub??? If it weren't for the girls, Hooters wouldn't last a week in Beijing. There's much better overpriced Western fares in Beijing than that place.

This is sad. And those girls are probably getting two kuai an hour to shake their bon bons.

what is sad is that awful video. amateur hour combined + a naive ideological stance + patronising understanding of contemporary chinese culture = this video

hooters is what it is. there are worse places to go eat/be entertained and many, many better places. and the girls in this video look much happier than waitresses in the average beijing restaurant. and I bet they don't have to do military drills either.

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