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New CCTV complex on fire

The northern building of the new CCTV complex, which houses the future TVCC and Mandarin Oriental Hotel, caught fire at around 8pm on Feb. 9. Photos on Xinhua; more video on Ku6. Also, via Shanghaiist, on Youtube. Story at the China Daily. Sun Bin has an eye-witness account.

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I take it the irony of being able to hear fireworks actually in the video soundtrack is not lost on anyone else?

It started at around 820-825pm. firework fell on the roof top. small fire for some 20-25 minutes localized on the roof top, then the roof started to collapse at around 850-855, and spread down.

This reminds me 9-11...


i guess it goes without saying that there probably wasn't any water available to quench the early flames before the fire spread out of control.

who bears the risk of loss, under chinese law, for properties still under construction? is a contractual allocation of risk allowed between parties, or is the risk allocated by default?

I hope this is an omen for the fate of cctv-like media (i.e. censored) for 2009...but probably not.


There was most likely a CAR (construction all risks policy) in place probably with the PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) and reinsured all over the world. I don't think the building's control had been handed over to the owner (CCTV??) yet in which case it would fall under their own property insurance. There will most likely be loss investigators from all over the world descending on Beijing representing various parties and I figure at the minimum, 3 months of meetings and inputs from various parties before we learn what will happen to the building :(....

The news doesn't seem all that harmonized to me. I've been following at at Global Times (I guess I just really enjoy being irritated and the comments that are basically turning me into a racist) and while there was a period where the headline on the fire was gone and not replaced with anything, they still have this whole picture-heavy section devoted to the incident:


While they recently disallow comments on the Wen-shoe incident, comments are open on this, and include prime candidates for harmonization like this:

我不但会原谅上次四川的事件 我还会一辈子当她的影迷!!!

Oops, replied to the wrong fire-related post.

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