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Piccadilly starring Anna May Wong

This is a short clip of Anna May Wong acting in the 1929 silent film Piccadilly directed by Ewald André Dupont, which was restored and re-released. For more about Anna May Wong, golden age Hollywood's Chinese sex symbol, see this Sexy Beijing episode.

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That was really beautiful and at the same time a total clusterf**k of orientalism. I'd watch more of the film, given the opportunity.

Thai costume and attempts at Thai dancers' intricate hand movements, plus a Chinese band. Ditto the previous commenter.

I wonder what happens to Wong, gilded and juxtaposed against the American/European crowd, in the context of the rest of the film. Does she steal the other actress' guy? And what does that say about her place in the world of this film?

She's so beautiful.
Thanks Danwei, these old clips you put here are all simply delightful.

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