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Rocking pipa

Central Conservatory of Music professor Zhang Hongyan (章红艳) introduces the pipa, and then plays Sunny Spring White Snow (阳春白雪), a rocking traditional song that may be more than two thousand years old.

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This is absolutely amazing! Respect!

I don't doubt that she is a true virtuoso. That song is amazing. But I have a hard time believing that the music we hear is coming from just one musician. There are so many sounds going on at once. Is is possible that there is accompaniment off camera. In her introduction she says 'we' will play and then changes to 'I' will play.
In any case, it is amazing to watch her play.

What an extraordinary instrument, and how beautifully she plays it. I'm blown away........


Dave, don't be silly. If you have the opportunity, go watch a live performance, especially if you have the chance to see someone as good as Zhang. It'll be an hour or two well spent.

Such talent!

As I listened to the kaleidoscope of sound, my mind kept musing on the "rock" aspect and how I had mistakenly thought that "rock" had first been played on electric guitars!

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