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From the Afterquake music project, the traditional Qiang minority song "Sala". More about this video and Afterquake below.

One year after the May 2008 Sichuan Earthquake in China, the Afterquake music project has created music with quake survivors to raise money and awareness for the ongoing reconstruction.

This song is a traditional Qiang minority song called "Sala", but all the kids in Wenchuan seem to know it whether they are Han, Qiang or from another ethnic group. They also all seem to know the dance. The kids called it a guo zhuang (锅庄) song which means that you dance around a fire while singing it.

The vocals are by the girl in the video named Luo Shuang (罗霜), a 14 year old first year middle school student from Wenchuan County. She is Han ethnicity. Her mother appears at the end of the video, on the site where they are rebuilding their house, which was destroyed in the earthquake. The accompanying music was produced by Abigail Washburn and Dave Liang, of the Shanghai Restoration Project. The video was shot and edited by Luke Mines.

To hear more of the music, see pictures from the project and to learn more about how to support Sichuan Quake Relief visit afterquakemusic.com, or support quake relief by getting the tracks on iTunes or on Amazon.

Proceeds from the music help to provide much needed quake relief to the 5 million who lost homes in the earthquake through the work of Sichuan Quake Relief.

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An absolutely beautiful song from a beautiful collection.

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