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Saturday Night Live on Obama visit

American comedy show Saturday Night Live's take on Obama's visit to China.

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Comments on Saturday Night Live on Obama visit

I'm really curious to see Chinese reactions to this.

we are not amused!

not funny if a Chinese. Dialougue was OK, but the sex part was crude.

i am a chinese, i thought that was really hilarious. it was just making a joke to our head of state,big deal, i'm not even a fan of Hu

I was thinking as I was watching this that the humor would not translate well to a Chinese viewer.

Another commenter said "it was just making a joke to our head of state"... Actually this is not the case. In American society and with the dialogue used, it was clearly a joke aimed at Obama and his administration. In fact, Hu was actually portrayed as the one playing the joke on Obama (trying to explain it in different terms).

I am going to be very honest. It will not matter how the Chinese (Mainland or anyone from Asia) react. This skit is targeted for the American audience. Some who may understand politics in this region but many who do not and only see the surface.

It was only funny in certain parts, especially the whole debt issue, but then it got awful. If anyone is an minority in the States or Chinese-American, at the very least empathize anything to do with demographics and mainstream US media, you all will feel very different. There are better ways to poke fun at themselves, when "done by themselves".

it wasnt about Hu it was in your face Obama

1. I see SNL hasn't gotten any funnier. "Doing sex" was about the only remotely funny thing and they milked it.

2. "President Jintao," God DAMMIT people.

Not really funny, and the sex part was really displaced. Actually sad, considering their bit on Palin aka Tina Fey.

Exactly, it sucks. This is funny? Funny is when the press conf. get blowned up by either Tibetan or Islamic terrorists. No no, not only funny to anarchists...but also emos.

I have no problem with the sex part, it is the typical silly, cheesy American style humor that doesn't mean anything. What bothers me a little is the way the guy who portrayed Hu Jintao talks. I guess the Chinese could retaliate by mocking the Americans by having a guy who talks gibberish that appears English. How about "latas ant jentmann eyem zh braseeden auf yunaite cideite"?

For the guy who went ... "President Jintao". That doesn't make sense. We don't say "President Barack" so why would be want to say "President Jintao". In Asia, family names are written BEFORE given names so John Smith written in Asian fashion would be Smith John. So you might to want to call back you "God DAMMIT people" an go make yourself some tea. May I suggest some green tea.

captainNEMO: You may want to actually watch the video before commenting on others' reactions to same.

Man i wanted to like this more...but the fake ching chang chong chinese got on my nerves eventually...and the fact that the guy playing Hu didnt look remotely Asian (I guess they cant make him look Asian Sean-Connery-style because white people dressing up as other races is verboten on American tv...but couldnt they at least put some eyeliner on him?).

I guess its not like Mad tv where they have Bobbie Lee to play every Asian...but I mean couldn't they at least hire an extra? The onion does a much better job of poking fun at China with that old Chinese man they have (see below).

All in all, the main "doing sex" Boratish bit was lame..."you are not allowed to pay us back in clunkers" made me laugh though...

http://www.theonion.com/content/video/china_s_andy_rooney_has_some http://www.theonion.com/content/video/china_celebrates_its_status_as

No Offense to the Chinese People! I think this is how Obama really feels towards paying off your nation the money we borrowed.

I would never had done what he did. Its ludicrous. Tax cuts and government cuts go a long way to do a fix and banning our Federal Reserve system to hell would be another fix.

The Federal Reserve is apart of the problem. But Americans Spending habits are another problem to this.

Liberal thinking in America has brought us this crisis not conservative and Republican ideals. Spend - spend even when you don't have the money is a problem. Credit is the problem and so our the banks in the USA.

I think a few people here might be missing the point a bit.

The joke is that when someone is pretending to negotiate with you, but is actually giving you a bad deal, you say "Can I have a kiss?" (why?) "Because I like to be kissed when I'm being f*cked"

f*cked in this context means getting cheated, getting a bad deal
this is mistranslated to "doing sex to me"

The skit is basically Hu playing a joke on Obama

I watched the skit one more time and I kind of get the joke dddggg is saying but it's still very awful play and awkward, I'm sorry for being honest. Kind of like saying when something goes wrong and you get the wrong deal," damn, I"m fucked".

Unless I"m totally misunderstanding this but I don't really think so.

Till the end where they say "do I look like Mrs. Obama" does it vaguely connect though I get the feeling most (not all) of the laughter at that point came from the physical antics rather than then the "main" topic.

It's hilarious and well done. The target is clearly Obama and his words that do not match his deeds, or even a remote approximation of the reality on the ground. SNL can't use the f-word in their skit, but a mistranslation on the part of an interpreter is a good work around.

Based on polls I've seen, the Chinese public is not enamored with the government policy of buying trillions of dollars worth of U.S. Treasuries. Maybe they'd think Hu got off easy.

This was hilarious! What is up with all these political correctness people on this message board. Political correctness crowd are the most annoying brainwashed people. How could anyone defend against making humor against any governmental leader? There does not exist a good governmental leader anywhere. They are all liers, corrupt and puppets of bankers and multi national corps with none of our own interests at heart.

I loved how the translater had to water down the translation to replace the one word with Sex. It might of been repeated but would never get old if they repeated even more.

it's a good thing that this appeals to American humor, if someone else appreciates it, well, that's nice, but unnecessary.

This was great! Funny how the closer to the truth humor is, the more the vested interests take offence. Bravo SNL!

Too bad it's being suppressed by Youtube....I wonder why?

"What is up with all these political correctness people on this message board?"

Its like a Papal Indulgence. People embrace the PCBS because they need to feel they've done something more worthy than the "bread and circuses" tour all year.

Very similar to: "sure, I made a pass at our babysitter, but I BELIEVE! in World Peace!"

The person in a weak negotiating position that is having bad/difficult/painfull terms 'dictated' or forced on him, mutters a phrase about "being f*cked over and not even (as a minimum) getting kissed". China has a lot of US green paper rectangles (known as dollar$) and the value may not stay stable. What can China do with them in an attempt to retain value? Buy commodities? As soon as the market sees Chinese dollar$ buying gold, copper,steel, etc., the market price starts rising. Back in the 1990s, Japan tried this and bought US properties only to sell at a lower price years later in bad times. China obviously does not want this to happen to their investments using their dollar$....yet what can they do? China is in a trap and now they can't escape...and will not get one kiss.

Give the SNL actor portraying Hu a break. Try to learn Chinese vocabulary in a few days for this skit...not possible!! He did the best he could and I accepted it as a sincere attempt to represent something that we know probably is not authentic Han dialect.

I too was interested in what a chinese person would think. I had no idea anyone could misconstrue the meaning of the SNL skit to reflect negatively of Hu. its obviously a rare slam on Obama. The interpreter's translation is what makes this so funny. Lighten up PC crowd, pretend its Bush and then you will have a hearty laugh.

Chinese with excellent command of American English and US culture will appreciate this skit. This skit is the most objective and honest take on the Sino-US talks. It actually explains the situation from the Chinese point of view, whereas most "respected" newspapers are totally US centric in analysis.

A lot gets lost in translation. Some Chinese will think that Americans are poking fun of Hu. But that clearly isn't the case. It's Obama and US policies (Bush's included) that are lampooned.

The best line is the one where Hu reminds Obama that there are 1.25 billion who are uninsured in China but at least don't owe anyone $800 billion. That's some incisive criticism.

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