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Sexy Beijing: Jews in Shanghai

In this episode of Sexy Beijing, Su Fei and her father visit the Shanghai house in which he spent his early childhood with his family as Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. Shanghai was one of the few ports that admitted Jews fleeing persecution. The first episode of this two-part program is here.

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Comments on Sexy Beijing: Jews in Shanghai

Wow, that was probably the most interesting Sexy Beijing that I've seen. I really enjoyed it. I've heard about the Jews of Shanghai so it was interesting to hear the personal story of one family. Really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Ditto. Such outstanding work and it just keeps getting better. For sure I'd pay for a Danwei t-shirt (or hardhat), but I'd run somersault across Tiananmen on June 4th for an autographed Sufei t-shirt.

Great stuff!

great job, thanks a lot!

Hi Feng37
This is great news because I want to meet you in Tiananmen so I can autograph your T-Shirt. We are making Sexy Beijing T-Shirts for Christmas...I mean Hanukkah, so watch out!

everybody loves su fei, but... ... ...this episode is neither "sexy" nor is it "beijing." time for a name change?

Does anyone else find tudou.com so slow in the US that it's practically unusable?


What happened to the mans German wife, did she pass away, or was she deported from China?

Just wanted to say...best episode ever! I'm glad you and your Dad were able to visit Shanghai and meet people who still had memories of that era before it is too late.

Sex in the City parody--as fresh as ever!

Very interesting.

People often complain that China has destroyed all of its history, and this may be true for architectural things. But this just goes to show that the history is there in the people, and it doesn't take much to bring it all to the surface.

incredible episode. it'd be great to see more of Old Dude on the DVD's extra footage, seems like a swell fella.

Awesome!it's like the Sex and City, and Sufei used pretty good settings which is like what shown on that film.

As for the Jews, around me there are 2 Jews guys who are from US. They said they tried to find their roots in Heilongjiang, which is located in northern part of China. Their grandparents lived in that city when they were young, then they moved to the US. Now their grandsons went back and searched for their old editions of the family:)

Certainly, I and my friends helped them, but I have to tell that it's not easy. Cuz you can't find the documents or the people in their ages anymore...

To be continued----if we find,ha

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