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The Beijing Olympics: Are they a trap?

The Onion reports.

There are currently 12 Comments for The Beijing Olympics: Are they a trap?.

Comments on The Beijing Olympics: Are they a trap?

Yet another clear example of the Western media bias and anti-China sentiment.
PSYCHE. Just f*cking with you. Onion Rules.
Mei Guo Jia You, Steelers Jia You!

I can't understand why say so?
a trap , ridiculous!

easy, man. Onion News is a TV program of fake news. Just for amusement. If you go through the whole show, you'll find it. Don't take it so serious.

Onion News...cool...

Is watching people showing their ignorance and stupidity on TV amusing? But why watching people with physical disability not so funny?

Stop watching such TV show and give your respect to people with mental disability.

Geez, the Americans find this kind of stuff funny? Funny people indeed!

Steelers suck.

LMAO,digging large hole..

the old lady is awesome

"Steelers don't suck. They are the best team ever in the NFL"---Pffefer

Yes, they do. For once Pffefer and SGT. Slaughter agree. Go Steelers!

"Is watching people showing their ignorance and stupidity on TV amusing? But why watching people with physical disability not so funny?

Stop watching such TV show and give your respect to people with mental disability."---Hui

Yes, its very funny.
Watching people with physical disability sometimes is funny. Look at the laughing German midget for instance:

By respecting people with mental disabilites we must watch shows that have people with mental disabilites otherwise they can't sell advertising and make a livelihood. That is respect.

Read from the German midget webpage: This is a short scene from a three hour documentary on this laughing German midget. Movies were so much better back then.

Yes, first I think it's weird, then I laughed for a while, but finally I realized what a German characteristic professional dedication the actor had.

Is it a fake news program? I hope they are just kidding. However, it is realy funny.

That was ridiculous,and i don't find it funny. Dig a big hole, so American Athletes will fall down, what kind of age is that, if they want to make a trap, why don't having thousands of rockets shoot from the sky, think before you speak....

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