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The origins of hip hop

Thanks to Chinese blogger Hecaitou for this video of "the origins of hip hop" shot in a Chinese village - it's actually an ad for Nokia's Chinese website. If you're outside China, watch it on Youtube for faster loading.

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here is the version with English subtitles



Any clues on who produced this for Nokia?

I heard it was done by Eight Partnership, but thats just what someone told me....fairly reliable source, but u r going to want to double check....


Adam is correct. From Brand Republic:

Nokia has launched a new social networking site, www.cool.nseries.com, touting it as China's first online meeting point for the brand's core twentysomething demographic, who are invited to post, discuss and argue about what's cool or not.
The website, designed and produced by Eight Partnership, encourages users to congregate to exchange opinions, photos and links on fashion, gadgets, music, style, movies and cool hangouts, with vistors able to create their profiles.

Viral videos have been created to promote the site, produced by One Production and shot by Beijing director Wuershan. The videos feature MC Farmer, a real-life farmer who offers his take on the origins of hip-hop.

It's too real to be fake. I have no faith in anything anymore!

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