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Veteran China journalist Paul Mooney

A chat about being a foreign journalist in China with Paul J. Mooney, who first came to Asia as a soldier in the Vietnam war, and has worked as a journalist in China since the 1980s. Filmed and edited by Eric Mu. Also on Youtube and Tudou.

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Another great interview, Jeremy. Paul's been writing for about as long as I've been alive, but I first read his material a couple years ago when he wrote about the demolition of Kashgar's Old City. It was one of the best pieces about the demolition I had read and I was instantly a fan.

great interview! thanks

Great interview, and quality questions Jeremy!

the interviewer was good, but the interviewee was clearly a biased western reporter with his agenda reporting china. it is like many western reporting, they are not reporting objectively, they are entertaining audience....

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