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Wen Jiabao with a loudhailer

CCTV segment showing Wen Jiabao with a loudhailer encouraging victims of the earthquake in Sichuan (Chinese only).

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Hate to say it, but it reminds me of the george bush image with a loudhailer saying "we hear you, and those who knocked these buildings down will hear you too".

He did the best he could.

His voice reminds me my grandpa.

regardless of the politics, I always find wen to be dripping with sincerity. got to like the guy

@THM - not a very fitting comparison.

@ FOARP: It is in the sense that smacks of being another empty photo op. That said, I also agree with Mike about Wen's sincerity. He is one of the few political leaders that I actually like.

The Economist said during the snow storm earlier this year that the last time a Chinese PM spoke to a crowd with a megaphone was in 1989 on Tiananmen Sq., when ex-PM Zhao Ziyang was accompanied by Mr. Wen.
The megaphone will perhaps be the defining element for Mr. Wen.

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