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Youtube's back

Youtube, blocked in China since March 15, is accessible again. Perhaps videos like the above made it palatable to flick the switch back on.

For the latest status of Youtube, please see the Net Nanny Follies category.

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Seems to work fine until you do some mischievous searches...

And then you're on a 2 min timeout.

I am not surprised. But the images are still shocking. The irony is that this is the Western free media fooling their own folks. Suckers.

Geremy you got balls for posting this. 侠肝义胆,佩服,佩服.

I also saw mixed up media coverage of Tibetans on American cable television news networks CNN and FOX while visiting my parents in the United States.
One news anchor was talking about protesters in Tibet while behind her viewers were being shown screen images of banner waving Tibetans who had their faces painted with the Tibet flag colors.
Even my mother, a typical white woman like Barack Obama's mama, knew that those specific images were from India and not Tibet.
However it's not unreasonable to assume that media folks in Europe, who don't know the difference between a yak and a water buffalo, had a difficult time sorting through film and photos taken in both Tibet and Nepal.

This proves that many Western media outlets are careless in their fact checking, but it proves nothing more than that. Well, it also shows that China has made a micrometer of progress in the sophistication of its propaganda methods, though they remain incredibly crude.

"This proves that many Western media outlets are careless in their fact checking", and then you still count on them to give you the truth and form your judgment based on those "fact"? LOL

i know nothing about the German media's mislabeling of images from the Nepalese protests.

major U.S. media-outlets were, however, contrary to the above clip's suggestion, largely accurate in their captioning of images from Tibet, Nepal, and India.

mistake and distortion are two separate and distinct infractions.

it's worth noting, for example, that the WaPo photo and caption included in the clip above were paired on the launch-page of a photo slideshow. once inside the slideshow, the photo at issue was properly captioned.

it's also worth noting that, as the link i've just posted shows, the error has been openly acknowledged and corrected by a mea culpa on the same WaPo page, which reads: "[Editor's note: The caption for an earlier version of this slideshow was incorrectly associated with a photo from Nepal. This version has been corrected.]"

indeed, the histrionics and hyperbole that obtain from equating (a) selective and isolated instances of misrepresentation-by-mistake within the Western media, with (b) the blanket and coordinated censorship characteristic of Chinese media distract us from two more pressing issues, that is:

(1) the increasing sophistication of propaganda content in China; and, perhaps more interesting,

(2) the ethical implications of Western media playing "fast-and-loose" in their pairing the more violent images of police-enforcement in Nepal with those from Tibet, even where properly captioned.

I'm very glad that youtube is accessible in China again, after a short block during the tibet unrest. Truly in this event, it was the innocent Han Chinese being attacked, and Chinese government taking defensive measures.
Western medias were distorting the facts to serve their own interests by using the usual frontal attack tactics. However,there are flaws in the ways Chinese government communicated during the crisis; Chinese government still uses the "confucious" attitude to deal with "hurts", rather than directly voice the truth. It's actually the time for Chinese to stand up. What is more important is that Chinese government should have found a balance between western and Chinese approaches. It has to realise that Chinese humbleness as a virtue, will not be appreciated by western values, but quite the contrary, seen as a inferioty or guilts. So Chinese spokesperson have to speak the truth in the way that westerners can understand. Like blocking youtube has clearly given the western media materials to spread the "guilty person image" internationally. This crisis can be a clear provoke on Chinese government to reflect its usual diplomatic communication in a more delicate way. I hope through this, Chinese government have realised the "gaps" to fill in its communication with the world, and not only assuming the world would truly embrace its glories only from seeing the modern cities etc. And thanks for sharing this video!

Youtube is back...

...except... that video seems to be blocked.

Also, any searches for sites of recent contention such as Tibet, Gansu, or Sichuan will lock a user out of the site. The same holds true for any search of Beijing or Shanghai. It seems like they've unblocked Youtube but crippled it for China-related searches.


so...the Chinese government is always suspicious no matter of what. what would you post if youtube is kept blocked?

One forum member of dolc.de actually caught youtube admin manually edit this video's view/favorite/rating count, and believed it was to prevent this video from getting to the home page.

It seems not only the Chinese government was addicted to the baby sitting job. LOL.

Just remember, if an outlet of the Western media ever says something that is inaccurate, it proves once and for all that a system of government censorship and propaganda -- in which 80% of everything said is inaccurate and _deliberately_ misleading -- is better!

Mistakes were made in US cable TV coverage of Tibetan protesters; I saw them with my own eyes.
Did it happen more than once? Yes.
Would I dispute the bold fonted "largely accurate" term mentioned above? No.

I deem those critical media mistakes as totally unacceptable. There are enough educated people from China living in New York City (FOX) and Atlanta (CNN) for interns to be hired specifically with the tedious task of making sure the news studio gets it right 100%.

Speaking of Youtube, FOX's news anchor Shepherd Smith was recently embarassed when a clip of the award winning YouTube video "Just leave Britney Spears alone" video was shown unedited with the "F" bomb. Ship happens! (Oops, I meant "slip")

One more thing: I couldn't help noticing Juan's comment about China's government using the "Confucious" (sic) attitude in dealing with crisis situations. Confucius says: It's more like "Confuse us" rather than being Confucian in any way.

I've tried to access this video through this URL "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSQnK5FcKas", but the connection to the URL was cut off by GFW immediately.

When will they realize that they are the real ones who have been brainwashed?

And besides, it is cut off by Youtube not GFW. And Youtube is manipulating the viewer count to keep this video from homepage now. Sounds like censorship?

And to answer some questions above, this video is uploaded by oversea Chinese students.

Of course reporting on current events in Tibet will be innacurate in the foreign media: There are no foreign correspondents left in Tibet, they've all been given the boot one way or another. So, criticism of the foreign media is moot at this point, since they are opoerating blindfolded, on secondhand information at best. If China wants a more fair portrayal of the situation(s), they need to relent on their blanket censorship.

Is it necessary to point out that if Danwei had posted any YouTube videos that didn't support the CCP line in Tibet, that this site would have been instantly blocked in China (assuming it hasn't been already)? But remember, it is the Western media that is so ridiculous. They even make mistakes once in a while and -- gasp! -- have biases.

And for those who are whining about the "Western media" (which is a ridiculous oversimplification to begin with) being biased -- wow, no shit. Everything is biased. Free media does not mean "unbiased" media; it means the government doesn't control what can printed and doesn't decide what the people can choose to read or print. And in that type of system you have a greater number of outlets (all with biases) that you can attempt to find the truth from. Fewer sources of information - especially when controlled by the state - give you less of a chance of getting to the truth.

Media bias and freedom of the press are two entirely separate issues -- some people can't seem to grasp that. Or they want to use "bias" as a straw man.

It is also hilarious that some people are complaining about the Western media reporting inaccurate and biased information, while they are defending the most inaccurate and biased media on the planet for the past 50 years -- media which are biased and inaccurate on principle.

Hopfully, there is a just a few of endoctrinment poor chinese people to believe this kind of very very rough editing !!!! we, western people, have much more education in image to distinguish true or false !!!!
如果你想看西方报纸所报道的新闻,为什么不直接去看bbc, RFI, lemonde, Times 吧? 做一个成年人,只相信你自己的批判能力, 无依靠别人 的蛊惑宣传

Good points Jim. I agree totally that a sharp distinction needs to be drawn between 'bias' and 'control'. I feel that in term of media and information the paramount variable in the equation is choice and freedom. Without this clarity and (as Jim mentioned) how can one possibly have a chance to get the truth?

This is an absurd video. The reason there are no images correctly identifying police/army crackdowns "inside China" is because journalists aren't allowed "there." You reap what you sew.

that should read "sow"

The reason there are no images correctly identifying police/army crackdowns "inside China" is because journalists aren't allowed "there." You reap what you sew.
Posted by: Cup of Cha | March 24, 2008 9:54 AM

So it is OK to use fake source to support your claim? I would call this cheating. No reliable source can not justify lying. And this proved just how biased the media are. They don't conclude according to the evidence (or at least just say they could not get what really happened there because china government forced them out). What they do is making an assumption and seek all those fake images to support this? I would not expect this from the supposed 'free media'. this is at least to be considered 'unprofessionalism'!

It's fake. It must be propaganda.

With sparkling democracy and wonderful free human right, our media are perfectly fair, and we people are not fooled at all.

It's all because we can choose our leader between 2 creditable politician individuals. And everything goes with that. Besides, we are Christian. "In God we believe" is on our coins. We are justice. If not, why is the God on our money not yours?

And you Chinese won't understand because you are all brainwashed. Pathetic.


@A Righteous Westerner

I have a shorter version:


@Spelunker, my understanding of the "Confucius way" in this scenario is that Chinese government was too careful to respond directly (because of the international image concern), and in Chinese strategic thinking, only losers angrily protest, not the winners (because they are happy). So I assume Chinese government would like the third parties to speak out to be more convincing. However, we, from human nature, always pay most attention to the speaker with the loudest voice, not necessarily always the truth. And in western perspective, "confrontation" is the start of the dialogue, while "integrity/harmony" is for Chinese in my opinion. And this is where these two are wrestling endlessly. That's why Chinese government have repeated again and again that "Tibet is an inseparable part of China" from the very beginning, as the foundation of any talk. However, I would ever doubt that the true intention of this unrest is for Tibet only, it's for the Olympic, which according to western medias, is the chance for China to improve its international image. If everything breaks down into this scenario, I could say that western Medias definitely have the "right" to vote for this China’s "campaign" or…not. But apparently, China hasn’t quite kept up with playing different rules when already in a different game.

Chinese have been only focusing on its own territory for too long, like thousands of years already. When it comes to communication with anything foreign, it can become awkward. Considering the “so-called” ancient art shows, massive coverage of martial art/imperial-period movies, or old-fashioned festivals popular in the west, I could hardly see any positive relation to the most contemporary China. However, if this is the major channel for most westerners to know about China, what kind of message China is sending to the world? Openness? Dynamics? Fast-moving? or Humanitarian? Chinese have to realize the most effective revelation lies in exactly these delicate/soft observations, like culture events. The big and probably the most important communication missing here is “realness”, as the foundation every mutual dialogue is built on. I have to say that Beijing Olympics is never a “political campaign” to ordinary Chinese themselves. If you could ask anyone in the street, they would be so eager to share life excitements in China with you—the food, the city dynamics, and the feeling of life could fly in any directions. This is it, I guess. The “China” western media is talking about here is not the China in ordinary Chinese people's life. But should the western people be blamed on that? I don’t think so. It's China who has some homework to do, which is to revitalize its culture dynamics with modern significance.

I guess ordinary Chinese, especially generations born after 1980s, would never bother to sniff these political matters, but only care about the stock market, house prices, computer-games or buying which brand car, clothes. But the flank attack from Tibet to Olympics has gathered a bit of their attention. I wouldn’t support the statement like “If you don’t want to come, don’t!” from one Chinese blogger, but I can clearly feel the betrayal-like hurts. Anyway, like I said before, events like this, no matter how undesirable they are, have provoked the hidden miscommunications, and would only lead people think more constructively in the future.

@A Righteous Westerner, although I tried to ignore your comments, your mentioning of God this way makes me wonder if you are truly Christian, whose idea is to unify the world with love and peace. And the only credible political individual in American election, backed by many young people, is Ron Paul, a true economist who understands and cares about the real well-beings of American people. But where is he now? Has he been screened out by FOX TV because he is saying “do not interfere with other countries’ affairs, focus on our own economy, be friends with other countries”? Check out his speech/interviews/debates on YouTube, if you haven’t got any chance to know him. And probably you would find the hosts from FOX TV were so disturbingly interrupting his conversation that you might not either get his ideas either. If you cannot accept any voice different from western propaganda, whose brain has been washed then?



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