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You've been harmonized!

This Flash animation, found at an online competition to raise awareness about scientific development and harmonious society, features a BBS comment thread that gets "harmonized" (被和谐) to illustrate a new addition to netspeak. (more)

The video starts out with a list of net jargon that the viewer must be aware of in order to understand the subsequent thread. It moves on to display a series of posts in a thread about some famous person. A few people start slinging insults, at which point their posts are deleted. Someone asks where they went. The answer: "They've been harmonized." It concludes with a shot of a smiling President Hu and the words, "Everyone is responsible for a harmonious society."

See the link above for the better-quality Flash version. Thanks to David Bandurski at China Media Project for the tip.

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被和谐 can also mean being GFW'ed.


Also, 被GFW:


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