Seasons greetings from Danwei

At Danwei we were dithering about offering our readers a Christmas greeting since we are a traditional work unit and usually celebrate the birth of the Great Helmsman Mao Zedong who was born on December 26, 114 years ago today.

But then we received this photo, evidence of a plot by a sinister cabal of operatives to bring to Beijing the American tradition of Jews eating at Chinese restaurants on Christmas Day.


We feel that this is a suitably mixed up way to wish our readers, friends, advertisers — and that troll who hates us — all the best for 2007, and belated good wishes for Christmas (December 25), Yule (December 21), Eid al-Adha (December 20), Hannukah (December 4 - 12) and Diwali (November 9) etc.

Thanks to 'A Jew in Zhongguo' for the photo.

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Comments on Seasons greetings from Danwei

go ahead, hate on kwanzaa.

kwanzaa hates you too.

There are Jews in China?

JEWS! They'll eat your children! But only if they're Christian, which is why the Chinese should not convert to Christianity. Besides, Chinese eat so much pork I'd bet they wouldn't be kosher.

Man, it sucks how it's not hip to be facetiously anti-semitic.

Which restaurant is this? I think I recognize it, is it in 五道口?

looks like there's a fair bit of marrying out going on at that gathering?

Well, Paul, I'm sure you're aware of yellow fever, but haven't you ever heard of 犹太病?

犹太病? What does Tay-Sachs have to do these men's apparent preference for dating Asian women?

;-) Yuck. Yuck.

Seriously though, kudos to the white girl for "representing" in the face of such overwhelming adversity.

I hereby nominate her for 2007 Danwei Model Worker of the Year.

Not sure what those Jews thought but it seemed to me the banner is equivalent to "warm celebration of vegetarians joining feast of meat". That's really annoying.

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