Zhang Ziyi nude body double wants to marry a foreigner

Shao Xiaoshan (邵小珊)
Shao Xiaoshan is an actress who was Zhang Ziyi's nude body double in some bathing and sex scenes in The Banquet (夜宴), Feng Xiaogang's recent box office bomb. Just before the movie was released, Shao made it into the news because she demanded to be included in the cast list of the film.

Now Shao is in the news again. In the wake of a recent divorce, she is looking for a foreign husband, and advertising for him on her blog. Her requirements are:

Citizen of foreign country
Not a pervert
Has the trust of his own country's government
Will not control me
Will not be nasty to me
Will care for me

If you fit the criteria, you can give her a call on 1336 689 1955 or email

Your correspondent has verified that Shao answers the phone and that the marriage advertisement is not a joke. She is also looking a for a foreign female flat mate, you can contact her by the same means.

The image is copied from China Youth Daily (where there is a Chinese language article about the affair).

There are currently 10 Comments for Zhang Ziyi nude body double wants to marry a foreigner.

Comments on Zhang Ziyi nude body double wants to marry a foreigner

So that's a Zhang Ziyi nude body double and a Shanghai cheerleader in the space of a week.

Heterosexual? She been burned by that one before, I presume?

No way, Jeremy. You called her?! :D

I'm going to China next week. I'm totally going to call her.

Sorry Doug, she said no perverts


Damn. I'm taken. And the "trust of my government" clause is troublesome.

so she just wants a foreign passport? why bother getting married, there must be another way.

The real question here is whether she will marry me, a monkey trapped in a lesbian's body trapped in a man's body, who likes to go to perverted millionaire orgies.

We can be a husband and wife team, S.H.E's little helpers.

This chick sounds like she's headed to the USA, so she'll need a lawyer. That's fine by me. Another wacky wife, I don't need.

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