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A birthday bash for the People's Republic

"What are you gonna do today if you don't watch the parade?" asks today's Dongguan Times.

Today marks the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and from 10am through 12:30pm, a parade of military troops and equipment followed by tens of thousands of civilians streamed through Tiananmen Square as the entire country watched on television.

The country's newspapers heralded the occasion in style:

Newspaper front pages for October 1, 2009

Tomorrow's front pages will likely feature images from today's parade. Stay tuned.

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Comments on A birthday bash for the People's Republic

Interesting. In HK, I noticed how most newspapers didn't seem to have 60th anniversary related stuff on the cover yesterday. 苹果日报's first mention of it was on page 4- and the was an article about the planned protest march.

I guess in one sense it shows the difference between what the press can get away with under 一国两制, but in another sense, it shows how little HK people seem to identify with the Party's birthday. After all, someone once told me that China was 5,000 years old...

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