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Chinese newspapers mourn the death of Michael Jackson

In lieu of an in-depth front page story today, here's a collection of front pages from Chinese newspapers who marked the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson dominated Chinese newspapers on June 27, 2009

Most of the headlines are variations on either "Michael Jackson dies" or "Goodbye Michael." A few newspapers went with something different, but the usual punning headlines that accompany major international news stories were fairly uncommon:

  • Dongguan Times (东莞时报): "The Whole World Mourns"
  • Chengdu Evening News (成都晚报): "Farewell to a Legend"
  • New Information (新消息报): "The King Will Not Return"
  • Modern Express (现代快报): "Heaven Gets the Moonwalk"
  • City Evening News (城市晚报): "Remember"
  • Chinese Business View (华商报): "The Black and White Life of a Lonely King"

In addition, major online news portals like Sina, Sohu (auto-plays music), and even Xinhuanet collected news, music, photos, and memories from Chinese and foreign media.

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RIP: Michael Jackson



the newspaper collage is stunning. thanks.

too bad this legend never performed in mainland china. there will not be another person in our life time that carries such a weight as much as MJ. he missed china, and china missed him... ...

Great job, Jeremy!
I am a great fan of your Web site.
Very resourceful, as usual.
Sunny Lee

Who cares. Singer dies, get over it.

RIP: Michael Jackson. A poor, sad, lonely man, of immense talent.

On an entirley separate note, has any one noticed CD has been carrying ads for the Church Of Scientology. (Trade mark acknowledged!) How on earth does that sit with the laws and regulations of China? I thought dangerous cults were a big no, no in China.

your great name never disappears in the world. even the world will be vanished,
my Mj, you has said goodbye us peacefully, but we will miss you, remember you by heart.

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