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Zhao Zuohai, wrongly jailed for murder for 11 years, receives compensation

Zhengzhou Evening News, May 14, 2009

The big image of the newspaper shows Zhao Zuohai, a man who was recently acquitted of murder and released displaying a bank check. Zhao, who had spent eleven years in prison received 650,000 yuan in compensation which, according to the newspaper, was handed to him by the judge of the court of Shangqiu which is responsible for the misjudgment. In his interviews with the media, Zhao stated that he pled guilty after he was tortured during the investigation.

The top headline announces that the police authorities' latest order to increase police numbers to patrol schools and kindergartens. The newspaper reports that while the state-run kindergartens enjoy high level of security with the support from the police, private ones are not receiving the same treatment and often neglected.

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5,000 a month? i've talked to a few guys who've worked on Cosco ships who'd probably take that deal.

Hey, here is another news Danwei may like to translate:
拉萨:打字复印业将实行实名登记制度: Lhasa installed "real name registration" rule for word-typing and photocopying. Anyone who wants to type or copy any document must be approved by police department and have her/his name and Citizen ID Number recorded.

Thanks, santu. The China Daily has now reported on that story, and we linked to it yesterday. The WSJ's China Real Time Report quotes one copy-shop clerk who says he refuses to copy Tibetan-language materials, which he can't read, just to be on the safe side.

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