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Alert: Recycled color contact lenses may damage your eyes!

Yangtse Evening Post, January 10, 2011

"Meitong", literally meaning "beautiful iris", is a category of contact lens that is widely used for cosmetic purposes. Coming in a wide variety of colors, these lenses can change one's eye color and iris pattern.

However, today's Yangtse Evening Post alerts readers that many colored contact lens in the market are used lenses that are imported from abroad and recycled. These lenses, with high bacteria counts and low quality dye, can result in permanent damage to users' eyes.

The top headline of the paper reports that that finance ministry has approved Chongqing municipal government's proposal to levy property tax on certain types of homes.

Among others, residences that are bigger than 200 square meters and those whose owners already have multiple residences will be subject to tax. Once its effectiveness has been proven, the property tax, which is intended to discourage investment in real estate, may be implemented in the rest of the country.

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