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Beijing's coldest December day in 57 years

The Beijing News
December 22, 2008

Winter truly arrived in Beijing yesterday with the highest temperature of the day down to minus 8.8 ℃. Media reports say it was "the coldest day in December in the last 57 years."

Strong wind ripped off part of the metal roof of a university's gymnasium and the thermal insulation layer of a hotel in Beijing. It also blew away a man who was mending his own roof in Shijingshan District. The man landed on the top of a 15 meter-high tree and was rescued by firefighters (see front page image).

According to Sun Jisong, a meteorologist from the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, the cold weather will not last and the temperature is going to rise to above zero in the coming days.


● 37 of over 600 Taiwanese candidates passed this year's legal bar examination in mainland China. According to a new policy which will take effect from January 1, 2009, qualified Taiwan residents will be allowed to practice law in mainland China.

● A new policy allows enterprises to delay their payment of their employee's social insurance for a maximum of 6 months next year. The government is hopeful that this policy is going to alleviate the burden of the enterprises and save tens of millions of jobs.

● Zhou Zhenglong, the man who was convicted of faking photos of the wild South China Tiger and received two and half years in jail with three years' suspension has revoked his confession and is now insisting that he is innocent. He hand wrote a message protesting his innocence and saying the tiger photos were real. His daughter uploaded photos of his hand-written note to the Internet.

The newspaper reports that Zhou was subsequently taken away from his home by local police.

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There are currently 31 Comments for Beijing's coldest December day in 57 years.

Comments on Beijing's coldest December day in 57 years

Darn that Global Warming!

Thank God for "global warming" otherwise we'd really be freezing. The governments of the world should shoot some more carbon into the air otherwise we're headed for another Ice Age.

Is this coldest winter event proof enough to this Superstition that Global Warming is just a man made Myth. Real numbers are showing that there is no global warming, but rather global cooling, which may exist for 10 to 30 years. If politicians spend billions of dollars on a Myth and destroy million of lives for the sake of a superstition, can we have a witch hunt for the evil doers of this superstition once the economies in the world radically fail?

It's just that Global Warming thing happening. Must be global warming because we have already had 50 inches os snow even before winter officially arrived. Yeah right!!!!

Do you ever get the idea that the 'global warming' concept is phony and fraudulent? It gets colder, not warmer. How could this be?

Global warming is not doing it's job. I think we should all just ignore Al Gore and his sky is falling scare tacticts

More proof of global warming... Wink, wink..

The world really needs to get this global warming thing under control.

What happened to man-made global warming?

Al Gore should load his crackpot scientists into his private jet and go experience this cold weather firsthand.

Wow, this story was linked from Drudge. That'll be some heavy exposure for Danwei.

Thank God that Jim Hansen shows it getting warmer and warmer in Siberia even though there are less and less sites measuring temperature there. link

O.K, you jokers. Global warming leads to extremes. Don't you remember how hot it was last summer? And the desert droughts and storm flooded areas? What more proof do you want, anyhow? Heh,heh.

Warmer in Siberia? Most of it has not been above minus 20F for 2 weeks and parts of it got down to minus 80F last week. NASA said that October 2008 was one of the warmest on record until one of the non converted pointed out that they used September's temperatures for all of Russia in their October data. Since Russia is 8 million square miles and September is 10 degrees F warmer than October, this mistake had a slight impact on NASA's data. You think?

This is proof that global warming is working!?!

Funny how global warming happens every summer and global cooling happens every winter! Go figure

Al Gore has been promising us global warming for how many years now and it is still colder than you know what here in OH. What's with the delay. I sure wish he would get it going, would save me having to burn a thousand gallons of fuel oil every year. What a liar.

In the late 70's I well remember lying on my bed in NYC, Joy Divison on my turn-table, reading a screaming TIME magazine header: The Coming Ice Age.

1977, 78 and 79 were cold winters, just like the winter of 2008; the more things change, the more they remain the same.

If a link from Drudge means a parade of science-denying fuck-wits like this can we ask him nicely not to in the future? They're lowering the average IQ on here worse than the 愤青.
Yes, you bell-ends, your anecdotal observations of the weather round your house is sufficient rebuttal of the collective work of just about every scientist in the known world.

Would someone please call Al Gore and let him know that the climate isn't cooperating with his plan, like it should!!!

And please have him turn in his Nobel Peace prize at the nearest office.

If Global warming gets any worse we will all "Freeze to Death"

I'll believe in global warming when Al Gore reduces his carbon footprint to less than that of the average American.

Apparently Jim (F**K-WIT)hasn't been reading the same papers the rest of us get (I assume he has a direct line to Al Gore's boat). The "scientists in the known world" have been saying the "psuedo-science" he believes in does not compute. The ACTUAL scientists (not the self-appointed media gurus who don't actually have the education, qualifications or intellect to look at the temperature changes in the world and who worship at the Al Gore Hall of Knowledge - i.e. Ripley's Believe-It-Or Not - no, Ripley's actually verifies their data)have disproved all the bunk our Liberal friends have been feeding us for te last several years. In fact, the people who WERE intimidating the real scientists over the last few years are now being sent out to do what they are qualified for - running to the 7-11 for coffee. The Real weather scientists have the data in hand to SCIENTIFICALLY prove we are in a cooling period. The "Goreites" continue to stick their collective fingers somewhere and proclaim "It's warming". I suggest they remove their fingers from Al's anus and let the real scientists do the work they are trained and qualified to do. This will free-up more time for the unqualified synchophants to get back to Starbucks or the 7-11, where their science will be accepted as fact even though they have no training, no proof and no standing. And JIM's use of the term "f**k-wits in a public forum is proof positive of his intellect and the usual class of the liberal left.

As the evidence against man-made global warming slowly mounts (and more scientists and scientific evidence disconfirm it), the cries to totally remake the US (and world) economy grow more shrill. Global warming has left the world of reasoned scientific debate and entered the realm of religion. The fact that the earth's average temperature has not changed in 10 years, and is likley to actually slightly decline when we include 2008, does not phase the faithful. The fact that a growing number of climate scientists now suggest "global cooling" is at least as likely is also ignored. Its disciples refuse to even consider contrary evidence. While some actually believe in it, it has evolved into a thin disguise for the new anti-capitalist, anti-growth Left. It will continue to gradually fade as scientific hypothesis, but its "true believers" will never give up (as shown by some of the comments here).

I knew this "global warming" drivel was nothing but a bunch of hogwash put forth by Al Gore Types intent on controlling the masses, and draining them of their hard won assets.

Common Guys! We should all get together and nominate the poster boy of Global Warming again for the next Nobel Peace price. In the meantime all the places that are experiencing extreme cold weather should invite Al Gore. It is said that his huge CARBON foot print has the ability to warm up entire cities that he is in.


To Jim,
why is it that the AGW crowd can use anecdotal evidence to support their hoax (i.e. Mt Kilimanjaro or a shifting of Arctic ice) and that is considered “scientific” evidence.

Your statement “collective work of just about every scientist in the known world” is wrong. See here over 31,000 scientists (9,000+ PhDs) reject AGW. Knucklehead.

If a link from Drudge means a parade of science-denying ****-wits like this can we ask him nicely not to in the future? They're lowering the average IQ on here worse than the 愤青.
Yes, you bell-ends, your anecdotal observations of the weather round your house is sufficient rebuttal of the collective work of just about every scientist in the known world.

Al is that you? Haven't heard from you in awhile. I didn't realize that "just about every scientist in the known world" were pro global warming. How interesting. Except for the fact that NOT JUST ABOUT EVERY SCIENTIST IN THE KNOWN WORLD IS PRO GLOBAL WARMING. Just yours Al. Just the ones you wnat to listen to. Not the others. Wasn't it you who said that the debate is over? I believe it was. Al the debate is far from over. As a matter of fact it is swinging away from your side. You see becasue "global warming" is becoming a joke it had to be changed to "climate change". That way no matter what the weather brings you win. Funny how climate change has been around for.... well....forever and will continue to be around well after you are gone. So I'm curious Al, why did you pick the name Jim to post under? It's apparent by your use of four letter foul words that this whole debate swinging away from your side is getting to you. Lighten up.

jim... were not so much "science-denying fuck-wits" as you so eloquently put... more we dont beleive paid for scientists.... study some temperature graphs for regions and you come to a conclusion... that the temperatures while varying have stayed on an pretty straight line... and dont be that guy that goes and looks at new york or vegas and attributes the heat island effect of their growth to global warming...

To Jim
now that's not very nice. I thought your liberals were all about tolerance and caring. I guess that means you only tolerate people that think like you?

When I invented the Internet I never expected it to turn out like this :(

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