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Goons and thugs

Beijing Youth Daily
April 16, 2008

Top headline: Wen Jiabao met with people's delegates to discuss health care reform

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China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu demanded that CNN and host Jack Cafferty apologize to the Chinese people for slanderous comments aired on the network.

Jiang said that Cafferty's comments, in which he called the Chinese people "goons and thugs," were both "shocking" and "vicious" and reflected his "ignorance, arrogance and hostility toward the Chinese people." Jack Cafferty had previously explained that he was referring to the Chinese government and not all of the Chinese people.

In response to Jiang's accusation, CNN issued a statement saying that it will "apologize to anyone who has interpreted the comments in this way."

In regard to a recent netizen-led call for a boycott of French goods, Jiang said, "The Chinese citizens have recently expressed their own opinions and emotions," and that France should reflect on its actions. Jiang said she hopes that France will listen to the Chinese people and support the government's stance, as many other countries do.


  • Beijing introduced a new regulation which stipulates vehicles from outside of Beijing that do not meet emissions standards will not be allowed to enter Beijing between July 20 and September 20. This is part of an effort to clean up the city's air for the Olympics.
  • The big photo shows a plane crash in DR Congo yesterday which killed 89 of the 94 aboard.
  • This year's May Day "golden week" holiday will be shortened to three days, from May 1 to May 3. Work will resume on May 4, a Sunday.
  • In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, Zong Qinghou (宗庆后), the chairman of Wahaha who was accused of tax evasion, said he was cooperating with the taxation department's investigation, and that he had already paid all of the money that was required of him. In an earlier interview, Zong said it was Qin Peng (秦鹏), Danone Asia's China director, that reported him. Since last year, Wahaha and Danone have been wrapped up in a business dispute that has yet to be resolved.
  • Duan Chunxia (段春霞) is out of office again. Duan, a vice district director who was dismissed from office last July due to her role in the "black kiln slave" scandal, had been made assistant to the district director earlier this year. On April 14, the media reported her reinstatement, which drew considerable criticism, leading to her dismissal.

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  • Tang Jun (唐骏) received 1000 million yuan in stock for joining the New Huadu Group (新华都集团). Tang served as CEO of Shanda Interactive (盛大), an online gaming company, since 2004, and was director of Microsoft China from 2003 to 2004. Tang will take the place of Cheng Shusheng (陈树声), the founder of New Huadu Group, as CEO of the company. The shares he received are a "signing bonus".
  • Public service announcement: if your mobile phone shows that you have a missed call but you cannot identify the number, think twice before you call back. You could lose a few hundred kuai over that innocent call. This article reveals how people use this trick to steal money from mobile phone users.
  • Beijing is experimenting with a new chemical treatment that may finally rid the city of the annoying flying tree fluff that comes around every spring.
  • A woman in Dongguan (东莞), Guangdong Province, was pronounced dead by ambulance doctors, but passersby discovered that she was still alive. Doctors said that busy traffic and dim lights disturbed the diagnosis.
  • An explosion in the Guangzhou subway killed a worker and left seven others injured yesterday night. No reason for the explosion is given in the article.
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Comments on Goons and thugs

Chinese spokesdrone Jiang Yu needs to realize that China shouldn't meddle in the internal affairs of other nations.

Cafferty has freedom of speech and specifically said he feels sorry for what is being imposed on the Chinese people. Ms. Jiang Yu should refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign powers.

This so-called "holiday" business is perhaps one of China's more easily correctable heinous crimes against humanity--why oh why do they insist on calling it a holiday when the time off has to be made up by working on a weekend? That's an anti-holiday.

This is the typical BS you would expect from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Whoever said "the biggest infeority complex" deserves a medal, and some cash!!

When we were called “the sick man of East Asia”, we were treated like “Yellow Peril”.
When we are propagated as a next 'superpower', we are treated as a 'threat'.

When we isolated ourselves from the rest of the world, you “open up the market” by smuggling opium into our country;
When we tried to clear the opium out of our country, you compelled the sale by military force;
When we now also believe in the concept of global free trade, you accuse us of taking away your job opportunities.

When our country was broken into pieces, your armies broke in for a ‘fair share’ of our land;   
When we are trying to put the pieces together, you are clamouring to liberate ‘the evaded Tibet'.

When we practised communism, you hated us because we were communists;
Well, we now accept capitalism, you hate us again because we are capitalists.

When we had one billion people, you said we would make this planet crushed;
So we adopt the one child policy, but then you condemn us for 'breaching the human rights'.

When we lived in poverty, you thought we lived like dogs;
When we lend you the cash, you again accuse us of driving you into a deep debt.
  When we are developing our industries, you blame us for polluting the earth;
You blame us for generating too much greenhouse gas while enjoying the quality products made by us at lower price.

When we buy oil from the Africa, you are yelling that we are 'supporting the race genocide'; However when you started the war for oil, you called it 'liberation'. 
When our country went into chaos, with screaming you meddled in making laws for us;
When we enforce law and order to keep our country peaceful, you claim it a 'bloody crackdown';  

When we kept silent, you said we didn't have the freedom of speech;
When we spoke out this time, you accuse us 'hating the rest of the world' because we 'all been brainwashed'.

''Why do you guys hate us so much?" We cannot help but ask. 

"No, no, no, we don't hate anybody, we western world has always been promoting civilisation, justice, tolerance and love……"

"Do you understand us?" Curiously we ask.

"Are you kidding me by asking?" You relied, "Don't ever forget that we have the best media in the world, AFP, CNN and BBC and CBC!!"

American are a bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the past 200 years.

I thought we were all hooligans, actually

Redarmy's post above on the poor, ke lian Chinese people being kicked about for eons is reproduced on other blogs ad nauseum.

Looks like another example of the Chinese education system's rote learning methodology at work!!

He/she must have been a model student...

Calling the Chinese people "goons and thugs", in a media which has world wide influence, is internal affairs. Requiring an apology officially in a news conference which has (at best) world wide influence is meddling with internal affairs of other countries.

"We can express, you can't, period."

Hmm, strange logic, intelligent incapability.

Why my following comment censored yestoday? Is this blog run by a 18 years old holy girl cant comprehend lampoon? I have no idea to hurt, just little ironic.

"It’s a poor posture for the Foreign Ministry to respond Jack Cafferty, abase a government department to a news agency. What China need to do is just let CCTV broadcast a news comment teasing “70 years later American hybrid are even more racial than Nazi and their intellectuality seems slide to nigger level.”
I bet Rice won’t demand pay attention to it, not to mention call “apologize to the American people.”
Poor China bureaucracy’s PR."

This so-called "holiday" business is perhaps one of China's more easily correctable heinous crimes against humanity--why oh why do they insist on calling it a holiday when the time off has to be made up by working on a weekend? That's an anti-holiday.

Enjoying 2 days weekend, working 1 day, enjoying 3 days holiday, working 1 day, then enjoying 2 days weekend, is however more anti-holiday and anti working efficiency.

Of course, the above is just one of many possible combinations, but they are equally the same.

But Chinese are not that fortunate Frenchmen, Chinese work to get better future. So shifting the working day and weekend is a good resolution.

Humanity, oh, is great. You need to work to support it.

Why oh why, everything is tagged "bad"? Or you just want to be humorous?

[edited quotation. Sorry, BBCode doesn't work here. -JM]


We censored your comment yesterday because it is needlessly offensive.

We've let your new comment though today, but I am not amused by it and we will not publish comments from you again in the future if we find them offensive.

Thanks for your generous, I know it’s not easy to cross barricade smoothly if your are not accepted by the charmed circle. I’m not a torchbearer, thanks God.

Is above comment offensive? NONONO.....:)


The "n" word is usually a complete no-no, basically regardless of whether or not it is a "lampoon" in English speaking countries. As far as CNN vs. CCP, what Cafferty said was ignorant, and if Don Imus lost his job over his Rutgers comments, I don't see why Cafferty shouldn't be asked to apologize. I think whether we're involved in the internet shouting match that has been going on recently, or not, we can all agree that more understanding of China by the West (and vice-versa) would be a good thing.

But what I really want to know about is the cell phone scam. I always call back those numbers, because it could be a gig, but 99% of the time it's a recording that I don't know enough Chinese to understand. Is there somewhere I can get (in Enlgish) an understanding of how this scam works?

Speaking of goons, I wonder if this story will ever reach the "press" in China??


What's the big deal? China Daily can call CNN, GWB (who justifiably deserves) or even American thugs and goons, American product junks, then issue an "apology" to the Yankees who "misinterpreted" it.

To: Hunxuer
Yes I am a model student, not only in China, but also in one of the best research Universities in North America.
What about you? Are you one of the "goons and thugs" Cafferty was referring to?
You are a "Hunxuer", using the least derogatory word, you do not have a postion and you are not entiled to anything regarding China.


The one ring cell phones call often are from ad companies. When you call back, you will listen to ad. In this case, you pay the phone call, and they eliminate ad cost. And, usually, these ad are for illegal things like guns, drugs or even killer services.

It's rumored, that there is software can modified caller id. That is, calling you with number A, but number B displayed in your phone screen. So they can cheat you call an expensive charged service.

And, F/L/G uses this kind of one ring call for their politic propaganda occasionally.

Lark In Cloud--to be sure, I was exaggerating for effect, but you're sort of missing my point, which is that the holiday system simply shouldn't make people work on weekends to make up for the days they're getting off. In the US, by the way, we never have more than one work day off for a holiday except maybe during Christmas.

Mikebass14--I believe, after hearing one of my Chinese colleagues get one of those calls (it rings once and they hang up, right?), that they are phone sex lines that might charge like a 900 number in the US, which is why they want you to call them. There could be other types, I suppose.

Shaan, I don't miss your point. But you should realize, that difference does exist, and has reasons.

First, there is more holidays in western countries.
Second, annual leave enforced by law just took effect in 2008-01-01 in China.
Third, China has a very large population, high population density. And fast transporting is expensive for most of Chinese. All these, make one day holiday less meaningful for Chinese.

You may be curious how capitalism cold blood CCP is, that workers have no annual leave! But I think you can understand, that economic condition and enough work productivity should be there for this.

BTW, shaan, I visited your blog. Nice articles.

Especially, you have insight that China central government has weak control on local governments. That is why stability is such an important thing at this time. Reform can't be done overnight.

Thanks, Lark, for your comments about my blog. I can't speak for other Western nations (our holiday policies are not all the same), but in the US this is our list of holidays:

Holidays that fall on a weekend are moved to be taken off on the following Monday or the previous Friday. It's not really that many, I think, and unless we use some annual leave, we can't really travel anywhere during them.

My apology to Jack Cafferty and CNN

I think Jack Cafferty is basically the same goon and thug he has been for the last 50 years. He behaved exactly like such a goon and thug on April 9 when he faked as a commentator during a junky show on poisonous CNN.

I am aware of concerns about my comments related to Jack Cafferty and CNN in the context of his foregone stupid mouth exercise and CNN’s circus shows, which I just made a moment ago.

I would like to clarify that it was not my intent to cause offense to Jack Cafferty and CNN, and would apologize to anyone who has interpreted the comments in this way.

I am a person that reports the news in an objective and balanced fashion. However, as part of my coverage I also employ myself as a commentator who provides robust opinions that generate debate.

On this occasion I was offering my strongly held opinion of Jack Cafferty and CNN, not the American people, not all US news organizations – a point I am clarifying immediately after I made the comments.

It should be noted that over many years, I have expressed critical comments on many people and many news organizations, including the American people and its leaders, and American news organizations and their managers.

OK let's go with CNN's clarifications that it is the Chinese government that Cafferty referred to as "goons and thugs". In an effort to be "objective and balanced", let's try the fun game of being equal opportunity offender. I for one, always wondered what you should call a government who cannot seem to do anything about their homicide rate ten times higher than that of China under CCP rule. Impotent, sounds about right at the moment, for you, Brazil. And a third of Indian live under $1 a day? What a bunch of losers. And what is with Indonesia? It took them thirty years to make it legal again for Chinese Indonesian to celebrate Chinese New Year publicly, display a billboard in Chinese or open Chinese language school? No virgin for them in heaven. Let's not even start with the other country in the top five most populated list. It would be too much fun for a day.

Anyhow, if any Brazilian, Indian, or Indonesian is offended, remember, it is your government that I am talking about, and not you. Got it?

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