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A nation mourns in black and white

Responding to an announcement from the State Council about the three days of official mourning for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, all Chinese newspapers nationwide all are printed only using black ink on the front pages today. Most big Chinese websites including Sina, Sohu, TIanya and Tudou have also removed color from their logos and home pages.

Below are some examples:


Beijing Youth Daily
"Praying and mourning"


Oriental Express
"Mourning in silence"


Beijing Tmes
"Mourning day" and the current death toll.


Yangzi Evening Post
The character means "sorrow".

Here is screen shot of several websites:


Update: Blogger Hecaitou has a collage of even more front pages from 19 May.

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I think this is a beautiful gesture. Is anyone familiar with a precedent of websites turning black and white in this way?

first experience i saw was [us] after 911.

Many of foreigners and designers I met are really impressed by the papers cover design.

sorry, as someone who has lived in sichuan for quite a while and has family and many close friends here that have suffered in the earthquake, i think this day of mourning and ESPECIALLY the horn blowing and air raid sirens blaring today are a joke.

you better observe all these dictated observances...or else!

Black and white news front page in mourning has been a norm for great national tragedies or war in China since before World War 2 / Sino-Japanese War, and now, it is a continuation of that great tradition into the webpages.

quite an impressive day, also remind us of the importance of a colorful world, isn't it.

anyway, good combination of the screen shots, nice visual effect.

@bocaj: I also think the horns are a little "retarded", and I have mixed feeling about compulsory mourning, but the gesture of having a black and white web for a few days, is nice. The reasons and calculations behind it are a different story.

Anyway, I hope all your family and friends are well.

in uk they have silence, in italy the clap hands. sounding horns are alright by me. no big deal. just another thing for folk to gripe about.

being in a taxi at the time made it an ear-splitting experience, but the sound of it as I listen to the videos reminds me of the wailing women I saw once as part of an old-fashioned Chinese funeral march.

Let us hope everything will get back to normal. Here in Earthquake country (Los Angeles, Calif.), the tragedy of an earthquake is unbearable, however, the living can become zombies if care is not take to handle the mental and psychological pressure.


I created a slideshow and use your pictures at slide 20 and slide 21.

One Word One Moment link

Also, I use a slide to link back to here. Have look at slide 26.

Many thanks!

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