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A blood bank meets the public

The FirstFebruary 27, 2008

The front page of The First shows the inside of the Beijing Umbilical Cord Blood Bank. Labels on the metal buckets read "Danger: Liquid Nitrogen."

Yesterday was the first day that the building was open to the public. According to article, the blood bank is the largest of its kind in the world (measured by area), and at -196ºC (-321ºF), all samples can be preserved in good condition for 18 years.

Today's top headline concerns Beijing's Subway Line 4, which is currently under construction. The report says that all 24 station names have been determined. The line is expected to start trial operations in September, 2009.

At the bottom of the page, left-hand photo is of Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital Airport, which will go into operation on Friday. The right-hand photo shows Chinese Tae Kwon Do contestant Wu Jingyu. Wu won a gold medal yesterday at the Good Luck Beijing tournament.

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