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Bo Xilai quotes "In Memory of Norman Bethune" from memory

Chongqing Evening News, March 2, 2011

Bo Xilai is the Secretary of the CPC Committee of Chongqing, a favorite of the media because of his relaxed attitude and for organizing the campaign against corruption in Chongqing last year.

In a title granting ceremony that opened in Chongqing yesterday, Bo once again showed his love for using Communist material in his speeches and dedications. His speech refers to passages from Lei Feng's life, and from Mao's article "In Memory of Norman Bethune", which the Secretary reels off by heart, including passages like:

What kind of spirit is this that makes a foreigner selflessly adopt the cause of the Chinese people's liberation as his own? It is the spirit of internationalism, the spirit of communism, from which every Chinese Communist must learn.

Bo was awarding a group of doctors from Chongqing, and with his recitation he presented them with a statue of Bethune.

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