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Chinese trawler captain returns

Southern Metropolis Daily, September 15th, 2010

Zhan Qixiong, the arrested Chinese trawler captain was released after 17 days of custody in Japan. On September 7th, Zhan's boat collided with two Japanese patrol vessels on waters surrounding controversial Diaoyu Islands. Zhan and other crew members were subsequently arrested and taken to Japan. The incident triggered a big row between the two governments.

This morning, Zhan, who took a charter airliner sent by the Chinese government, landed at Fuzhou airport, where he received a warm welcome.

Under the big headline announcing Zhan's return is an image showing rocket launchers firing at a war game participated by China, Russia and other member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). The war game, codenamed “Peace Mission-2010” is held on the territory of Kazakhstan.

See also ChinaSMACK: Chinese fishing boat captain released by Japanese, reactions.

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