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Caution! Microsoft Warning Line!

The Beijing News
September 4, 2007
The top headline on The Beijing News today reads "Ministry of Education asks to stabilize college dining prices." Cross-sector inflation has driven up prices in many college dining halls at the beginning of the new term. Despite the rising prices, the article notes that dining halls are still cheaper than off-campus restaurants, leading young white-collar workers to dine on-campus alongside college students.

The front page picture is of a whiteboard in a hospital. To save his father's life, a son donated his own liver, but decided to keep it a secret until his father was discharged. The whiteboard instructs visitors to say nothing about the source of the liver.

The Crime Scene
The bottom headline says that a new light rail line, to be completed in 2015, will connect the northern suburb of Changping to Xi'erqi, which lies along Line 13 of the Beijing Subway System. One of the right-hand headlines says that schoolchildren have been issued hammers and other tools as part of the revised curriculum that goes into effect this semester.

One particularly interesting thing about today's paper is that it comes wrapped in police tape, courtesy of Microsoft. The software giant's anti-piracy ad asks "Who murdered your business? Go to the crime scene immediately. Page A9 has the truth!"

The office on page A9 (pictured here) is a total mess. Without a doubt, unauthorized software is the murderer!

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Wow, this news is almost as irrelevant as most American mainstream media. I'm impressed!

at least there is no mention of 超级女生。 The news could get a lot worse it could be 八卦 full of captions to pictures like 模拟黑白 。

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