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Changzhou Evening Paper teaches you how to survive fire

Changzhou Evening Paper, November 19th, 2009

The risk of fire is hard to predict, but disasters do happen, as the recent nightmarish fire in Shanghai alerted us again. When it actually happen, we all want to be safe. But how?

Today's Changzhou Evening Paper shows you that, with the right equipment, you can help yourself to safety in life-threatening situations such as being trapped in fire in a building so tall that the firefighters' hoses couldn't reach.

The outdoor enthusiasts should be familiar with those ropes and wheels demonstrated in the images. But this one, a "slow descending kit", is not a safety rope that will catch you from falling; it allow you to fall at a speed slow enough that it would save you the damage a free-fall jump would certainly cause.

The newspaper said that right now, the life-saving gadget is sold like hotcakes on Taobao, China's biggest Ebay-style online marketplace. With its 1060 yuan price tag (this model has a 60 meter long rope but the length can be customized ), we believe that everybody that suffers even the lightest degree of safety paranoia should go get one of those.

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People will need to practice using it in order for it to be helpful, though. I wonder if we'll start seeing people hanging from their buildings in China regularly, or worse, people will start getting injured from practicing escaping from fire.

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