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An aircraft carrier! (It's only a model)

Chongqing Times
July 6, 2009
A model of a possible future aircraft carrier appeared alongside other new PLA weaponry in a military exhibition in Hong Kong on July 4th, stoking the enthusiasm of Chinese military fans. (The CN Carrier website describes its mission as "giving the construction of a Chinese aircraft carrier a shot of nationalistic steroids.")

According to a report appearing in today's Chongqing Times, the look of the model resembles the Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag, which was to be the second Admiral Kuznetsov class carrier before construction was halted and the ship was sold to China, stripped of much of its propulsion system.

Certain parts of the future aircraft carrier's specifications were revealed: the displacement will to be 53 thousand tons light, and 67 thousand fully loaded, with a projected speed of 30 knots.

On the front pages of today's other newspapers, Shenzhen Evening News reprinted a Xinhua report on the Urumqi riot. According to the article, "one People's Armed Police soldier and multiple civilians died in the incident." Xinhua latest reports put the death toll at 140.

And The Beijing News featured a story on what netizens are calling "Pants-gate" (脱裤门). A short clip showing two male junior high students of Beijing's Shunyi Fifth Middle School stripping a female classmate and molesting her in a classroom exploded across the Internet on July 3 before it was wiped off most sites soon afterward.

In response to the incident, local education authorities said that out of concern for the protection of teenagers, they hoped that the media would not to release too much information about the participants.

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