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Dinosaur theme park to open in Beijing

Southeast Business, June 30, 2010

The Southeast Business, published by Ningbo Newspaper Group, shows a photo from the opening ceremony of a theme park that's built 300 meters north of the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing. The grounds of the attraction cover 25,000 square meters and will have three exhibition halls: "Back to Jurassic," "Glacier Remains" and "Science Dream-search." The park will officially open on July 1, and the photo, taken yesterday, shows a girl "running in front of a huge dinosaur."

Another story on the page shows a story recently in the media: fake Chinese ID card photocopies, or an ID photocopy generator (身份证复印件生成器) has raised alarm on the Internet - where someone could enter personal information, upload a photo, and then print out a photocopy of ID. The picture on the front page shows a forged Barack Obama's 'ID photocopy':

Name: Obama
Sex: Male
DOB: August 4 1961
Address: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington.

The article states a case where a woman from Wuxi used the details of one of her clients to print out a fake ID photocopy, which she then used to set up a credit card and then proceeded to max out over 100,000 yuan. The woman was fined 80,000 yuan and is facing a six-year prison term. The article also states that a search for the generator brings up thousands of entries on Baidu. The end of the report provides some preventative measures like tearing up photocopies of ID when throwing it out, so that others may not obtain it and use the information to print out more photocopies.

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