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Do not wear panda mask while driving vehicle

Southeast Business, December 17, 2010

Southeast Business, a Ningbo-based commercial daily, adopts a breezy tone and quirky typeface for the headline over its front-page photo of a man in a panda suit riding a bike.

That's really dangerous, you know, dear!

The weather was chilly yesterday. Wearing a panda suit, Mr. Wen went out riding his electric bike and received a fair number of double-takes. Mr. Wen, a 27-year-old from Anhui, has been working in Ningbo for five months. The panda suit is one he used last year in a promotional campaign for a Jiangsu-based business, and it cost him 400 yuan. He told the reporter that the weather was too cold, so he wore panda outfit, which was quite warm. The reporter reminded him, sure, it may be warm, but its visibility is poor, making it hard to see on either side, so it is far too dangerous!


In other news, the top headline notes that the Ministry of Health may ban two flour-bleaching agents. Benzoyl peroxide and calcium peroxide are currently permitted in limited amounts, but overuse has turned public opinion against the two chemicals. If the Ministry decides to implement the ban, there will be a one-year transition period before it goes into effect next December.

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