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Explosions in military facility injures 20

The Beijing News, August 18, 2010

The Beijing News reports an explosion in Fengtai district (丰台) on the outskirts of Beijing. The Global Times English edition also ran the news:

Two tremendous explosions at a military facility rocked and wounded the dozy villagers of neighboring Taiziyu, Fengtai district, Tuesday.

There were no deaths, but about 20 villagers went to hospital with cuts and bruises from shattered windowpanes or collapsed ceilings, locals said.

The Xus' residence is the nearest at 40 meters from the gates of the hush-hush facility.

They awoke to a roaring detonation at about 0:40 am Tuesday, and were then blown and battered by a shock wave that smashed all the windows of their home. Xu's elder son was cut on the shoulder by falling glass.

Also on the front page of the Beijing News today:

  • Eight villagers are arrested in Fangshan district (房山) for blocking police cars after doubting the results of a village election
  • An unidentified plane arrives in rural Liaoning
  • Cadres who will be promoted need to do time in training
  • In order to regulate housing prices, the standard for 'ordinary residences' for the census will not change
  • The fireworks explosions in the city of Yichun (伊春) in Heilongjiang (黑龙江) have caused 20 deaths. The enterprise's safety license had been confiscated in June

The photograph on the front page shows a girl being evacuated after mudslides in Yingxiu, Wenchuan country, Sichuan.

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