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Gaokao joys and gaokao woes

New Express, June 9, 2010
Shenyang Evening News, June 9, 2010
Jinan Times, June 9, 2010
Chongqing Times, June 9, 2010

High school students are under huge pressure to perform during the exams, but their parents and teachers are also highlighted in the post-exams coverage. The New Express goes with the headline, Hahaha! Relaxed! with a picture of a teacher from Guangzhou tossed up mid-air by his students. The Shenyang Evening News went with, Ay, Gaokao, Parents, Another Year, featuring a picture of a smiling dad next to his happy daughter.

However, there was tragedy amongst the happiness too. Jinan Times reports the cruel case of a student not allowed to enter for a foreign languages listening exam - after she was one minute late to her exam at No. 11 High School. Tragically, the Chongqing Times has a story about a father who was killed by falling steel tubes during the gaokao - this was kept a secret until the exams finished. The photo shows the crying mother.

Various other kinds of news are coming out about the gaokao. In Guangzhou, a report in the New Express says that parents are not happy with 'arts and sociology' students who mix in with normal students. These students wore clothes that showed their back:

"My daughter came home yesterday and said that a few of the students wore very revealing clothes, and in the second half of the exams the male students were all daydreaming," said Ms Zhang, a parent of a student from No. 44 High School. She also made a gesture to this reporter: "Her skirt was this short, and her entire back was on show." Ms. Xu, a parent of a student from No. 113 High School, was even more displeased, she told this reporter that her son had noticed these students when he went to study the layout of the venue, and he talked about it again yesterday after the exam. He said openly that with these students around, it was hard not to be affected. "Just think about it, looking up, all you see are shoulders and an exposed back, how can everyday high school students get used to this!"

The results of the exams are released on different days in different provinces, and these dates are published on the front pages too. For Guangdong, it's the 27th of this month, which is the same for Liaoning (Shenyang). Chongqing Times printed 100,000 copies of gaokao answers as a supplement to their paper and today asks The answers of the gaokao are out. How did you do? The paper also says that parents and students can check their real scores online from the 24th.

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They could do a whole Gaokao related miniseries with all this drama...

But then the CCP would have to have it taken off air for being hitting too close to home, like the show about unattainable housing and resorting to er nai-ism to get what you want.

"Ay, Gaokao, Parents, Another Year,"

What. I hate this language sometimes, seriously.

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